Men’s 200m joint championship record, equaled by 0.001 second

In the men’s 200m track and field, a new record was recorded as a joint win. The record was equal to 0.001 sec.

Koh Seung-hwan (26) and Shin Min-gyu (23, Lee Sang-sang of the Armed Forces Sports Corps) crossed the finish line at the same time in the 200m finals of the men’s college and general division of the KBS Cup National Track and Field Championship held at Yecheon Stadium in Gyeongsangbuk-do on the 8th. The record of the two was 21 seconds 01. The Korea Association of Athletics Federations tried to cover the rankings by photo reading, but the two were equal up to 0.001 seconds. The record to 1/1000th of a second is 21 seconds 004. The third place is Lee Jae-seong (22, Korea National University of Physical Education) with 21 seconds 03.토토사이트

Koh Seung-hwan’s personal best was 20.51 seconds, tied for third place in the men’s 200m all-time in Korea. Shin Min-gyu is the Korean high school record holder with a time of 20 seconds 84. This competition also serves as a selection match for the representative of the Hangzhou Asian Games.

In the women’s 200m, Lee Min-jung (31, Siheung City Hall) took the top spot with a time of 24 seconds and 51 seconds, and Kim So-eun (20, Gapyeong-gun Office) came second with a time of 24 seconds and 58 seconds. Lee Min-jeong won eight times in her domestic 200m event last year, and she also competed in two events this year, taking first place in both.

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