McCarty is realizing the ‘Korean Dream’

“I love the KBO League.”

Foreign pitcher Kirk McCarty (28, SSG) is realizing his ‘Korean dream’. He is playing in the KBO League he so longed for. He even stepped on the stage of the Major League (MLB) last year, but his position was narrow. He was called up for a short period of time and then relegated again and again. McCarty said, “Since I was in the US, I’ve heard a lot about overseas leagues,” adding, “I thought Korea would be a really good opportunity. It seems that they have only talked about Korea for the past two years. I liked the part of being able to contribute to victory as a starting pitcher,” he said. 토토사이트

He was off to a bad start. It collapsed with 8 runs in 3⅓ innings against Incheon KIA on the 2nd, which was his KBO league debut. He occasionally runs 150km, but his average fastball speed is in the mid-140km range. There were a lot of eyes that revealed question marks towards McCarty as much as the sharp command had to be supported. It didn’t take long to see his true value. From the second appearance, he made three consecutive quality starts (QS, 6 or more starting innings and 3 earned or less) and drew a steep upward curve. He continues to hold a Visa book record with 20 consecutive innings.

Which part would have worked? SSG coach Kim Won-hyung said, “Basically, he is a pitcher who knows how to throw strikes.” He must have played a part in his own efforts. “I guess I got lucky,” McCarty said modestly. He basically has a bright and cheerful personality. Of course, he actively tries to melt into the team. When he saw the score of the first game, he laughed, saying, “That kind of honesty sometimes helps” even when people around him tease him, “Isn’t that a basketball score?”

My eyes are drawn to the picture McCarty will fill. He seemed to have already adapted to life in Korea. McCarty said, “I like the neighborhood I live in now. I like coffee and walking, and those two are the perfect city.” The goal is definitely to win the Korean Series (KS). McCarty said, “During Spring Camp in Florida, I happened to watch SSG’s KS highlight match last year. It was a very tiring day, but I couldn’t stop until dawn,” he said. “I got goosebumps all the time watching it. I really want to achieve it once,” he raised his voice.

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