Masters Goods Weekly Sales of 100 Billion Won, Nom is the Most Popular

When I looked at the line to get into the Merchandise Shop selling Masters goods, I couldn’t see the end. The line that reached the driving range where the players were located was more than a weekend golfer’s 5-iron. It took more than thirty minutes to enter the building, but it was not possible to go straight to the shop.

I had to go around every nook and cranny of the building like a rat trapped in a maze, following a line that ran around the lobby inside the building. It took an hour to enter the shop, but there were so many people that it was a luxury to choose the right items. Somehow, I couldn’t buy all the things I wanted and had to be pushed to the checkout counter.

According to a report by Forbes last year, Masters’ merchandise sales were $69 million (approximately 90.5 billion won). Ticket revenue was $39 million, and broadcast rights outside the US were $25 million. Food and beverage sales are $8 million. Merchandise sales account for nearly half of Masters’ $141 million in revenue.

When I came to the venue this year, the number of people increased. Goods sales are expected to increase by nearly 10%. This means that it is approaching 100 billion won.

Augusta National opens at 7 a.m. during competition. Spectators wait in front of the door, and when the door opens, they enter the golf course with a quick step similar to an alarm (you cannot run in the Masters), and more than half of them head to the merchandise shop.

If there is no Tiger Woods on the golf course at that time, the percentage of spectators who buy things and play open runs will increase even more.

In terms of the amount of goods purchased, it is no exaggeration to say that I came to Masters to shop. The total number of spectators for the Masters is about 300,000. Each person buys about 330,000 won. He spends five times the price of food on goods. The cost of purchasing goods seems to be four times that of other major golf tournaments.

There is no place to sell 100 billion won in a week, so I can’t sell it. Items are brought in every morning, but popular products run out early in the morning. On weekends, there are no goods and the shelves are empty.

Everyone who likes golf wants Masters products, but 100 billion won in sales is amazing. There is a reason. Masters goods are not sold online. It is not sold outside the golf course. Also, it is not sold outside of the Masters period. You can buy it only when you come to the venue, but it is very difficult to get tickets. 메이저사이트

Mr. Jeong Mo from Korea said, “It is difficult to come to the Masters easily, so you must buy it unconditionally.” People who come for the first time, of course, buy it, and people who come every year also buy it to celebrate the year. There is no better gift than Masters goods for golf lovers, so I pick up a handful of hats.

Masters goods were basically clothing such as hats and T-shirts, ball markers, etc., but are gradually diversifying into cups, key chains, and bags. By releasing a new edition every year, a kind of limited edition was created to create a collectible market., which sells Masters merchandise, sells $20 ball marker sets for $49.99. A $32 hat costs $79.99.

A few years ago, gnome syndrome arose. A nome is a gnome in western mythology, a small male gnome wearing a pointed hat. Placed in the yard or at the front door of the house, it plays a role in chasing bad luck.

The guy wearing an argyle-patterned cardigan first appeared in 2016 attracted attention and exploded in popularity in 2020. That year, the competition was held in November because of Corona. Santa Claus version came out.

The guy is a little over 30cm tall. $49.5, and a smaller version, the Mini Nome, costs $29.5. It’s much harder to buy a tall guy. The guy disappears about 10 minutes after the shop opens.

Already on eBay, the 2023 one is close to $300. One of the 2019 editions, which Tiger Woods won dramatically, sold for $480. A product that sells three of them together for $1,000 was marked as a cost-effective product. This year, he wore a ticket, a Master’s visor, and a folding chair over his shoulder. The little guy is a caddy outfit.

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