Man U’s world-class striker’s crazy performance, “You have to break the salary cap”

 It is the opinion that Manchester United should break the salary cap rule to extend Marcus Rashford’s contract.

Rashford, from Manchester United Youth, has been active since childhood and has been active as the boy’s breadwinner with the nickname of school lunch. His last season received disappointing reviews as he did not show his performance as expected.

However, the atmosphere changed drastically. It has been revived since the management system of Eric ten Haag. He showed great performances this season and became the center of Manchester United’s attack.

In particular, after the World Cup, they are showing off a tremendous scoring streak. He is in charge of one axis of Manchester United’s tremendous rise with world-class performance.

Manchester United plans to push for an extension of the partnership with Rashford until June 2024.

Rashford is showing great performance, so it is an opinion that Manchester United must break the salary cap rule to extend the contract.

Manchester United’s manager Ten Haag has limited player salaries to £200,000 (about 300 million) for internal discipline.토토사이트

Gabriel Agbonlaher, a football expert from Aston Villa, gave his opinion on this through the British media ‘Football Insider’.

Agbonlaher said: “Rashford is playing in the best position. He is showing the best performance of his career.”

He continued, “If Manchester United wants to extend the contract with Rashford, they must break the salary cap rule.”

In addition, he added, “If Manchester United does not break the salary cap rule, other clubs may aim.”

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