‘Makachev vs Volkanovski’, which showed the bloody battle of the past, see it through with a rematch!

 “Volkanovski had the upper hand for only one minute out of 25 minutes.” (Islam Makhachev) “In the

2nd, 3rd and 5th rounds, I definitely had the upper hand.” (Alexander Volkanovski)

Last 12th UFC 284 was held in Perth, Australia. The main event of the day was the first defense of lightweight champion Islam Makhachev (31, Russia), and his opponent was featherweight champion Alexander Volkanovski (34, Australia). Volkanovski challenged himself by lifting one weight class in this match. Obtaining the championship belt made her the first Australian to achieve the feat of winning two weight classes in mixed martial arts history.

It was a famous match. It was like a showdown between No. 1 (Volkanovski) and No. 2 (Makachev) in the first combined ranking (P4P) in UFC history. Round 1 started with an exploratory battle. Volkanovski measured the distance by changing his stance, and Makachev, who was in good physical condition as a rugby player, kicked intermittently and did not allow close range. It was to be careful of Makachev’s long reach. After a war of nerves, Makachev was shaken by Volkanovski’s right hand straight punch. However, Makachev obtained a knockdown in the ensuing close-range fistfight.

In the second round, Volkanovski showed strength. A forward attack forced Makachev to step back. Makachev conceded a takedown, but it happened quickly. Makachev did not miss the gap that Volkanovski had been attacking relentlessly. Makachev’s left straight punch went straight through the gap. Volkanovski was shocked and staggered.

After a fierce 3rd round, Makachev threw a winning number in the 4th round. Makhachev successfully landed a well-timed counter takedown on the advancing Volkanovski. Makachev locked Volkanovski in back position with a bodylock and controlled it until the end of the round, but was unable to receive a tap.

A miracle almost happened in the 5th round. Volkanovski, who gave up the ground perfectly in the 4th round, aggressively attacked. Makachev was exhausted and often looked at the big screen, as if hoping the game would be over soon. Volkanovski landed a takedown following the blow, but Makhachev barely blocked it and ended the round. It was like saving the paper Makachev.

The scorecard awarded to the two players, who showed an unprecedented level of confrontation through a fierce battle until the 5th round, was Makachev’s unanimous decision victory. The three judges sided with Makhachev, scoring 48:47, 49:46바카라사이트, and 48:47, respectively. However, after the match, various media outlets questioned the result and demanded a rematch. They are also active in rematches.

Immediately after the loss, Volkanovski posted on his social media, “If the fans demand it, if the UFC demands it, if Makachev demands it, we have to do a rematch. “I’m sure,” he said, pressuring Makachev and the UFC, and Makachev also said, “Volkanovki was the best fighter. He had a great experience. If the fans want a rematch, I will be happy to arrange it,” he said, accepting a rematch with Volkanovski.

Although the judgment cannot be overturned, various voices are emerging. Joe Rogan, a veteran UFC commentator and former athlete, said, “I can say for sure that Makachev lost this fight. It is crazy to declare Makhachev’s victory,” said Volkanovski, who raised his hand, saying, “In my opinion, Volkanovski had a perfect advantage in three rounds.”

Videos and photos distributed through foreign media after the game implicitly represent Volkanovski’s dominance. Volkanovsky, who was bald, had no scars, his hair and face were shiny, but Makachev’s face was covered with scars, with swollen eyelids and bruises.

In particular, it was found that Volkanovski was superior in terms of effective hits. Both wrestlers are based on wrestling, but on this day, the match was bet on batting. There were so few ground battles that an effective takedown was recorded against Makachev once in the fourth round. On the other hand, in hitting, Volkanovski had the upper hand with 69:48 of effective hits. In terms of rounds, Makachev was dominant in rounds 1 and 3, and Volkanovski was dominant in rounds 4 and 5. The second round also recorded 19 effective hits.

The rematch is accepted as a fait accompli because it was a confrontation between Makachev and Volkanovski, who mesmerized martial arts fans around the world with their unflinching appearance. Because the fans, of course, want it. It is a rematch that the UFC has no reason to refuse. The UFC held this event as Pay-Per-View (PPV). The profit was so great. UFC president Dana White is also a master at bouncing abacus eggs, so it is expected that the rematch will be concluded without hesitation.

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