Hana Bank’s MZ Baduk Super Match 1st place Han Tae-hee and Geum-
woo won 170

moves (Hangame Baduk = Reporter Han Chang-gyu) M generation with an average age of 30.6 years old, and Z generation with an average age of 23.8 years old. Generation M was selected from those born between 1981 and 1996, and Generation Z was selected from among those born between 1997 and 2010.

Each team consists of 5 people. The eldest and youngest members of Generation M are Kang Dong-yoon, born in 1989, 9th Dan, and Choi Jeong, born in 1996, 9th Dan. The eldest and youngest members of Generation Z are Song Ji-hoon, born in 1998, 8th Dan, and Geumwoo Geumwoo, born in 2001, 4th Dan.

Bansang’s generational competition was held as a Hana Bank 22-23 MZ Go Super Match. The method is winning streak. Until you lose, you switch opponents according to the order and continue the game.

The confrontation that drew attention cut off the tape at the Go TV studio on the afternoon of the 6th. The spearheads of both teams are Han Tae-hee, 7th Dan, born in 1993, from Generation Z, and Jiwoo Gi, 4th Dan, born in 2001, from Generation Z.

In the opening game, Han Tae-hee, 7th Dan, was disqualified after 1 hour and 32 minutes and 170 moves. After gaining the upper hand prematurely in the workshop from the lower side to the right side, it is a solo stage. I put it perfectly and got a perfect victory. On the other hand, there was no opportunity like a chance for 4th dan Geum Woo.

“I looked up the data right after I was discharged, and it was the first studio performance in two years and eight months. So I was very nervous, but strangely, I was sitting in front of the checkerboard, so I wasn’t nervous. I think

This is the posthumous impression of Han Tae-hee, 7th dan, who gave the M generation a preemptive point. Regarding the predictions of the next opponent, Han Tae-hee, 7th Dan, said, “Generation M only has players who have won titles, so the competition to come out first in Generation Z will be fierce.” I will do my best to make it possible,” he said.메이저놀이터

On the 13th, as the runner-up in the second station, Generation Z announced Oh Yu-jin 9th Dan. The prize money that the winning team monopolizes is 70 million won (a match fee of 1 million won). 10,000 won per allowance and 3 million won in the name of the winning team are accumulated as donations. The time limit is 20 minutes each, plus 20 seconds of extra time, the Fisher method.

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