Luke Kennard, a new weapon for the brown bear army

No one could block Kennard’s outer guns. 

The Memphis Grizzlies won 151-114 in a game against the Houston Rockets in the 2022-2023 NBA regular season held at the Memphis FedEx Forum on the 25th (hereinafter Korean time).

On this day, Memphis easily attacked Houston’s loose defense throughout the game and easily won the victory, with the team’s field goal success rate reaching 61.3% (57/93).

Key players such as Desmond Bain, Jaren Jackson Jr., and Ja Morant all did their part by scoring double digits, but the main character of the game was different. It was Luke Kennard who came off the bench.

Kennard scored the most points on the team on the day, scoring 30 points with only 10 3-pointers without attempting free throws or 2-pointers.

What’s surprising about him is that he took just 11 3-point attempts he needed to make 10 3-pointers. In other words, he missed only one 3-point shot and scored all the rest. 

Kennard, who made his debut with Detroit in the 2017-2018 season, is a left-handed shooter who has been known for his excellent outside shooting ability since his rookie days. After spending a career high season with an average of 15.8 points, 3.5 rebounds and 4.1 assists in the 2019-2020 season, he moved to the Clippers and made a new nest in Memphis through a trade in February. 

Kennard’s 3-point shooting percentage this season is 46.4 percent, which is the highest 3-point accuracy among 141 players who are attempting an average of 4.0 or more 3-pointers per game this season. 

Even after joining Memphis, Kennard’s outer guns are still breathing fire. He recorded a high 3-point shot success rate of 44.7% in 35 games played in the Clippers uniform this season, and his 3-point shot success rate in 17 games played with Memphis, including this day, reached a whopping 54.6%.  토토사이트

Memphis, which ranked 20th in the league with 11.4 successful 3-pointers on average until last January, is enjoying the effects of Kennard’s recruitment by raising its ranking to 10th (13.0) in that category after the All-Star break. 

Amid Kennard’s performance, Memphis, which won five games in a row with the victory that day, recorded 45 wins and 27 losses in the season, firmly securing second place in the Western Conference. Memphis will challenge Atlanta for a 6-game winning streak on the 27th.

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