‘Lotte Rental Lotte Rent-a-car GTOUR WOMEN’S’ 2nd final… Interest in Hyunji Hong and Dawon Kwon

The second final of ‘2023 Lotte Rental Lotte Rental Car GTOUR WOMEN’S’ will be held at Golf Zone Joy Maru on the 26th.

According to Golfzon on the 24th, this match will be held in Golfzon TWOVISION PRO tour mode with 2 rounds of 36 holes stroke play on the 1st.

The competition course will be held in Daegu CC East/Middle, and in the first round, a total of 65 participants will participate through 6 seed holders, qualifiers메이저놀이터, top 4 other than qualifiers among rookies, and players recommended or invited by the Organizing Committee. The top 40 players who competed in the second round through a cut-off after the end of the first round in a four-player play method will play without concessions for the final championship in the second round.

The total prize money of the tournament is 70 million won, and the winner will receive 15 million won in prize money, 1,000 grand prize points, and 200 rookie points. This event is also a game for interested spectators, free to participate in the gallery, and adds to the enjoyment by providing free snacks and providing various event benefits as well as live watching the game on site.

As for the points to watch in the tournament, Hong Hyun-ji, who continued to win the first tournament this year and reigned as the strongest of GTOUR WOMEN’S, Kwon Da-won, who took second place with an overwhelming flight distance, Shim Ji-yeon and Han Ji-min, who are aiming for the championship with steady performance in each competition, are active. Attention is drawn to whether

Lotte Rental Car, a subsidiary of Lotte Rental, participated as the main sponsor for the 2023 Lotte Rental Car GTOUR WOMEN’S 2nd competition, and Digital Cheongpung, May Clean, Cleveland Golf Wear, World Wine, and Dunlop Sports Korea started sub-sponsoring.

The tournament will be broadcast live from 9:00 am and 1:30 pm on the day of the match through the Screen Golf Zone channel, Golf Zone YouTube channel, Naver and Daum Sports, respectively. In addition, starting with the opening of the 2023 season, it will be transmitted to eight Southeast Asian countries, including Hong Kong, Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand, through SPOTV channel TV and online video service (OTT) service.

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