Lobster 2,500km straight from the farm + Korean food ingredients are airlifted…Yong Jin-i hyung’s ‘consideration’, the scale is different

It is unusual for the owner to fly to the United States. But it didn’t just go away. ‘Consideration’ goes into every single thing you eat. This is the story of the owner of SSG Jeong Yong-jin (55). Squad morale is sky-high.

SSG held a special dinner for the athletes at 5:00 pm on the 11th (US time). After training, the team gathered in one place. A total of 94 people attended, including coach Kim Won-hyung, coaching staff, players, club front desk, and local stadium 온라인바카라officials.

This is the seat prepared by owner Jeong Yong-jin. The owner even came all the way to the United States to take care of the players in training at the spring camp. That alone is the surprising part. ‘The owner who never existed before’ is right.

It’s not over. SSG said, “This evening dinner, attended by owner Jeong Yong-jin, was prepared to encourage the hard work of the athletes who are sweating far away in the United States. Considering the point in the middle of the camp after the start of the camp on the 1st, and the time when the athletes are most physically exhausted, careful consideration was continued for the dinner menu,” he explained.

First, meat and seafood to replenish stamina, such as lobster, prime rib, and LA galbi, were prepared at the same time to reinforce the players’ energy. Lobster, the main menu, must be caught in cold water to ensure freshness and taste, so we insisted on lobster caught in Maine, which is close to Canada.

In terms of distance, it is 2561km away from the training ground. I received it directly from the farm for the team dinner. Thanks to the carefully prepared ingredients, the reaction of the players was also hot enough that there was a player who ate 8 by himself.

LA galbi is as popular with athletes as lobster. In Vero Beach, where the Korean population is small, he traveled directly to nearby large cities such as Atlanta and Orlando to deliver the taste of Korean LA Galbi by airlift.

Along with this, various Korean side dishes such as kimchi were also provided. Ingredients were brought directly from Korea and made directly with the help of local Korean staff.

Jeon Eui-san, who attended the dinner, said, “I participated in the US spring camp for the first time, but it is a point where it can be physically difficult due to the hot weather. Looking at the menu for today’s dinner, I think I ate my fill because they prepared lobster and LA, which I don’t see often.”

“I missed Korean food while training in the U.S., but I was able to taste better ribs and side dishes than I did in Korea. Thank you to those who worked hard to prepare.”

Park Seong-han said, “I met the owner a lot only at the baseball field, but seeing it in the United States like this gives me a new feeling. He came all the way to the United States and prepared a dinner table, so I felt once again that he had a lot of interest and affection for the team. I will work harder for the rest of the camp so that I can complete it safely.”

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