Li Xuan Hao, the talk of the town, wins over Park Jung-hwan

 In the 14th round of the 2022 Chinese Gabjo League held on the 6th, 6 Korean knights competed. Among them, Kang Dong-yoon 9 dan, Shin Min-jun 9 dan, Kim Myung-hoon 9 dan, and Kim Ji-seok 9 dan won. Park Jeong-hwan 9 dan and Lee Ji-hyeon 9 dan lost.

Of the eight Korean mercenaries this season, Shin Jin-seo, 9th Dan, and Byeon Sang-il, 9th Dan, were excluded from their team’s order. Shin Jin-seo메이저놀이터 is missing his fifth game, and Byeon Sang-il is missing his fourth game.

The version that drew particular attention from individual players was Park Jeong-hwan and Li Xuan-hao. At the end of last year, Yang Dingxin, who was also a teammate in the Gabjo League, 9th Dan Li Xuanhao, who strongly raised suspicions of cheating, is at the center of the topic recently.

The online confrontation between the 2nd place in the Korean ranking and the 2nd place in the Chinese ranking ended in a complete defeat as Park Jung-hwan, 9th Dan, could not make up for the large loss in the beginning. In the second half, the power to pursue was fierce, but it did not come close to reversing.

After 4 hours and 30 minutes of starting the game, the stone was collected in 232 moves. Their opponent’s record was 1 win and 1 loss. In the 2018 Gabjo League, Park Jeong-hwan, 9th dan, was discontinued after 203 moves.

K-go commentator Song Tae-gon said, “Rather than winning or losing, I was looking forward to knowing what Go fans and knights were curious about whether Li Xuan-hao’s 9th-dan skill was real or not.” “It’s a pity that that part wasn’t verified because it started unfavorably with a lot of”.

In the 2022 Chinese Gabzo League, the 24th season since its inception in 1999, 16 teams held a regular season as a full league, with the top 8 teams playing the playoffs for the championship and the bottom 8 teams remaining play to avoid relegation (two teams) in the Eulzo League. take an off

Round 15, which concludes the regular season, continues on the 7th. Shin Jin-seo and Gu Zi-hao, Park Jeong-hwan and Chao Xiaoyang, Ke Jie and Gu Lin-yi, and Li Xuan-hao and Wang Chun-hui will face off. Then, from the 9th to the 18th, the postseason will cover the final rankings, including the winning team.

The 8 Korean knights have a combined record of 48 wins and 43 losses while dealing with the Chinese knights until the 14th round. That’s a 52.75% win rate. Among them, the captain’s match has 19 wins and 19 losses.

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