Let’s lose the election and buy a gun… US election conspiracy theory never ends

It is shocking that a Republican candidate who failed in last year’s midterm elections allegedly instigated the shooting of Democratic Party officials by claiming fraudulent elections.

The aftershock of the 2020 presidential election is still going on.

Correspondent Kyunghee Lee in Washington.


This man walking out led by the armed police. This is Solomon Pena, who lost the House of Representatives election in New Mexico last year.

The Republican candidate, Peña, lost by a landslide to the incumbent Democratic candidate, but refused to admit defeat and insisted on fraudulent elections.

He was eventually found to have been shot. 메이저놀이터

According to the police, Pena handed cash to four men along with their addresses, naming local government officials and Democratic Party politicians involved in election management as targets of the attack.

<Kyle Hartsock / Deputy Chief of the Albuquerque New Mexico Police Department> “Since the November election, Solomon Pena has signed cash contracts for at least two shootings.”

Since then, the crime has been carried out, and since the 4th of last month, three shootings have occurred towards the home of a senior county official.

Peña even showed up with an automatic rifle when her hired men attacked the home of State Senator Linda Lopez.

Although there were no injuries, it was confirmed again that the election conspiracy theory sparked by former President Donald Trump’s disobedience during the 2020 presidential election is still not abating.

<Tim Keller / Mayor of Albuquerque, New Mexico> “Their attacks are not only a threat to individuals, but a threat to democracy. That’s what makes this event so horrific.”

In the midterm elections last year, many Republican candidates who supported the presidential conspiracy theory were elected and entered Congress.

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