Korean soccer to be ‘centered on Lee Kang-in’, welcome ‘first candidate’ Bordalas

Spanish media reported that the Korea Football Association, which is looking for a successor to coach Paulo Bento (54, Portugal), contacted Jose Bordalas (59) from Spain. With Lee Kang-in (22, Mallorca) likely to be at the center of the national team in the future, it is a name to be welcomed as he is familiar with Spanish soccer and has a relationship with Lee Kang-in.

Previously, local media such as Spanish Radio Canedaser, As, and Superdeporte reported on the 18th (Korean time) that coach Bordalas was being discussed as a candidate for the Korean national team. After coach Bordalas was sacked from Valencia in June of last year, there has been no new team for over half a year.

He is also a commanding tower with a relationship with Lee Kang-in. This is because Lee Kang-in belonged to Valencia when he took the Valencia baton in May 2021. However, as Lee Kang-in canceled his contract with the Valencia club in August of that year and moved to Mallorca, he could not establish a proper relationship as a priest. Instead, after being sacked from Valencia, he publicly criticized Lee Kang-in, saying, “It was an incomprehensible decision for the club to order Lee Kang-in to be released even though he was a good player.”

Although it was a short relationship, it can be a welcome factor that you know Lee Kang-in well as you have been in a relationship with Lee Kang-in and have already been active in Spain for a long time. This is because Lee Kang-in’s weight in the national team is expected to increase significantly under the new coach system, starting with the World Cup in Qatar. This means that expectations that director Bordalas will maximize Lee Kang-in’s strengths can grow, rather than coaches of other nationalities. 온라인바카라

The fact that there is no national team coaching experience can be an uneasy factor, but the fact that there are so many club team coaching experiences can be an advantage. He is a manager who has risen step by step from the Spanish lower league to the upper league, starting with the Spanish Alicante B team in 1993. The most dazzling career was when he led Getafe for five years from 2016. After taking the helm of Getafe, which was a second division team at the time, and promoting it to the first division, he led the UEFA (European Football Federation) Europa League by raising the club’s league record to fifth place.

Most recently, in Valencia, he was sacked after one season. However, the general response was that it was difficult to understand as it was hardened even after leading the team to the final stage of the King’s Cup (Copa del Rey). The league record was 9th, but compared to the previous season (13th), he had to put down the baton even though his performance was higher. It was for the same reason that he openly criticized the club after his dismissal.

The biggest issue in the process of joining the Korean national team is that rumors of a return to Getafe are being raised. Getafe, which has been on the verge of relegation this season, is sacking Quique Sanchez Flores and appointing Bordalas as manager one after another. Recently, the Sevilla club is also raising rumors about the appointment of manager Bordalas. This means that competition with Spanish Primera Liga clubs is inevitable.

Superdeporte said, “Bordalas is already known to be in contact with the Korea Football Association while he has an option to return to Getafe.” I’m watching. Director Bordalas has to decide whether to wait until he receives an official offer from Korea or return to Getafe. If he signs with Korea, he will meet Lee Kang-in again.”

Meanwhile, the Korea Football Association has recently set up a new committee centered on Müller, the new chairman of the Power Reinforcement Committee, and is in the process of appointing a new coach. Initially, February was set as the time to appoint a new coach, but Chairman Müller plans to appoint a new coach with a blank slate regardless of the first candidate group that was handed over from the former chairman (Lee Yong-soo).

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