‘Knee tendon rupture’ Rex’s departure, Lotte emergency… “I don’t know exactly how long it will take.”

“I don’t know exactly how long it will take to recover.”

Lotte Giants foreign hitter Jack Rex (30) left due to injury. Prior to the match against Hanwha Eagles in Daejeon on the 18th, Lotte canceled Rex from the first team entry and registered catcher Ji Ji-wan.

Lotte coach Larry Sutton said, “Rex has a partial tear in his knee tendon.카지노사이트

It is unfortunate injury news for Lotte, which was on the rise. Rex had a batting average of 0.261 (30 hits in 115 at-bats), 2 homers and 20 RBIs in 30 games this season, giving strength to the batting line. We have to think about how to fill Rex’s vacancy in the offense and defense.

Lotte: Kim Min-seok (center fielder) – Ahn Kwon-soo (left fielder) – Ko Seung-min (right fielder) – Ahn Chi-hong (designated hitter) – Han Dong-hee (3 baseman) – Noh Jin-hyeok (shortstop) – Yu Gang-nam (catcher) – Kim Min-soo (1st baseman) – Park Seung-wook (2 Lusu) starts. The starting pitcher is Han Hyun-hee.

Jeon Jun-woo was excluded from the starting lineup for a break. Coach Sutton said, “I plan to wait on the bench with a weapon that can be used in the second half of the game. Jeon Jun-woo also played almost every day, and his batting cycle is off. wait,” he said.

On the other hand, Hanwha has Jung Eun-won (2nd baseman) – Roh Si-hwan (3rd baseman) – Chae Eun-seong (right fielder) – Kim In-hwan (1st baseman) – Lee Jin-young (center fielder) – Choi Jae-hoon (designated hitter) – Brian O’Gredi (left fielder) – Park Sang-eon (catcher) -Park Jung-hyun (shortstop) starts the game. The starting pitcher is Jang Min-jae.

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