Kim Ha-sung’s popularity and position realized… Only 40,000 gifts to prepare, no intention of trading?

 Major league clubs organize marketing and fan giveaway events for the club on an annual basis, plan in advance and release them in 스포츠토토advance. It’s to get fans’ attention. Ha-seong Kim (28)’s team, San Diego, also released the schedule for the entire 2023 gift event in January.

As a major league club, the scale is large. With a variety of items, including bobbleheads, which are most popular with fans, hats, uniforms, calendars, bags, shirts, etc., it is also common to “shoot” 40,000 gifts on a first-come, first-served basis. Usually, the main characters of this gift are the popular stars of the team. This is because the more popular the player, the greater the value of the product.

In that respect, you can feel the popularity of Kim Ha-sung and his position in the team. San Diego will present bobbleheads to the first 40,000 people in the home game against Miami on August 23 (Korean time). The released bobblehead design contains the shape of Kim Ha-seong running around the base. San Diego kindly added an explanation, saying, “The helmet is detachable.”

It is a character that has pointed out the characteristics of Kim Ha-seong in very detail. Ha-seong Kim left a deep impression on San Diego fans with his passionate run that did not give up until the end. In the process, there were many cases where the helmet came off, but San Diego saved that detail well.

The San Diego players who will be featured in this year’s Bobblehead are Juan Soto (April 14), Manny Machado (May 16), Darvish Yu (July 25), Kim Ha-seong (August 23), Fernando Tatis Jr. (9 Until the 6th of the month), there are a total of 5 people. Soto, Machado, Darvish, and Tatis Jr. are all top stars on the San Diego team. Kim Ha-seong belongs to this rank. You can see the depth the club thinks of Kim Ha-seong.

At one point in the offseason, Kim Ha-seong suffered from trade rumors. The gist of the rumor was that teams in need of a shortstop were looking for Ha-seong Kim, and if San Diego, which had a spare shortstop position thanks to the signing of Xander Bogarts, could get a good starting pitcher, Ha-seong Kim could be put on the market. In fact, general manager AJ Preller frankly admitted that there had been trade inquiries for Kim Ha-sung and outfielder Trent Grisham.

However, such rumors are gradually disappearing, and Kim Ha-seong is expected to play as the team’s main second baseman. Bobbleheads are not absolute, but there is room for interpretation as a positive signIt takes a long time to produce as 40,000 pieces are poured in a day, and for this reason, clubs usually receive sponsorship and place large orders several months in advance. If you trade, 40,000 bobbleheads must be thrown into the trash. This may suggest that he had no intention of letting Kim Ha-seong go, at least when making the annual marketing plan. While the possibility of these bobbleheads seeing the light of day continues to increase, many fans are looking forward to the day when they enter the arena holding Kim Ha-seong’s bobbleheads one by one.

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