“KIA’s batting lineup is the most difficult among the 9 clubs,” admits saltiness… AVG 0.277·OPS 0.743 ‘Different from LG’ 

There are some areas where the composition is better than ours.”

The strongest batting line this season is by far LG. They are 1st with a team batting average of 0.285, 1st with a team slugging percentage of 0.397, 3rd with a team on-base percentage of 0.367, 1st with a team OPS of 0.764, and 2nd with a team scoring percentage of 0.296. In most of these indicators, KIA ranks second after LG. 2nd place with team batting average of 0.277, 2nd place with 84 team home runs, 2nd place with team slugging percentage of 0.395, 3rd place with team on-base percentage of 0.348, 2nd place with team OPS of 0.743, and 1st place with team scoring percentage of 0.305.스포츠토토

However, if the scope is limited to the latter half of the year, the story is different. This is the KIA world. Based on the baseball statistics website Stats, he ranks 1st in team batting average (0.308), 1st in team slugging percentage (0.449), 1st in team on-base percentage (0.379), 1st in team home runs (31), and 2nd in team stolen bases (44). With a batting lineup that dominated the league, they moved up from 5th to 4th place, and came within just 2 games of 2nd place KT.

KIA built a complete batting lineup with Choi Won-jun in mid-June, Na Seong-beom and Kim Do-young in late June, and Kim Tae-gun in early July. In fact, the lineup was upgraded as half of the starting players were changed at the end of the first half. Of course, Kim Sun-bin had minor injuries, and Kim Tae-gun did not feel good hitting right away. There is still no solid starter at first base. It is not that there are no detailed concerns, such as Choi Won-jun’s poor batting.

However, it is true that the batting line that combines them with Chan-ho Park, Hyung-woo Choi, Socrates Brito, and Woo-sung Lee has no room to breathe. In addition to the mobility of the triple setters (Chan-ho Park, Do-young Kim, Won-jun Choi) and the slugging power and clutch ability of the main batting lineup (Seong-beom Na, Hyeong-woo Choi, Socrates, Sun-bin Kim), Jong-wook Ko, Chang-jin Lee, and Woo-seong Lee alternate between starting and pinch-hitting roles.

Coach Yeom Kyeong-yeop said ahead of the Gwangju KIA game on the 10th, “KIA is the most difficult batting line to deal with among the 9 teams. The pinch hitter is good, and the left and right balance is good. Their batting order is better than ours. “The slugging power is also good,” he said. It is a nutritious and highly productive batting line that can produce various colors.

In fact, in the doubleheader on the 9th, the pinch-hitting strategy continued to be successful, and home runs by the central batting line resulted in the game. On the other hand, in the game on the 10th, he stole as many as 8 bases. On May 2, 1982, he was recalled for the first time in 41 years after 41 years of being ranked 2nd for the club with the most stolen bases in a single game, which he set in the Jeonju MBC game. He ranks first in the league with a pinch hitter batting average of 0.274 and second in the league with a stolen base success rate of 79.4%.

LG’s batting lineup is second to none in terms of mobility, accuracy, and clutch ability. Coach Yeom said, “We have many players with quick feet and accurate hitting,” adding, “We don’t have a pinch hitter. And the focus is on left-handed hitters.”

LG is also a team with attention to detail that maximizes scoring power. While broadcasting the game on the 10th, SPOTV commentator Lee Dae-hyung analyzed that LG’s scoring power is highest when there is a runner on third base, and said that the reason is because when the batter swings, he has already run home. While LG maximizes the strengths of its members and focuses on details, KIA competes with diversity.

It seems that the KBO League’s strongest batting line will ultimately be concluded when it reaches the postseason. Coach Yeom and people from other teams acknowledge that KIA’s destructive power in the second half of the season was great.

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