KIA Tigers and Gwangju FC, winter ‘quenching’

In winter, we naturally shrink.

However, for professional players preparing for the new season, it is an important time to build a foundation for the year’s performance.

Sports 7 Today, we look at the winter training situation of local teams.

Reporter Kim Yeo-ul, welcome.

Dramatic is the only word that comes to mind.

Gwangju FC will return to the first division of professional football from this season, and in line with this, training is currently underway in Thailand?


I returned to the first division after a year.

For a stronger and faster stage, I am currently training in Chiang Rai, Thailand.

The first winter training was held in Gwangju.

At the time of training, it snowed a lot and the days were cold, so training was difficult.

Last week, I also went to the coverage, and the temperature is high, but the humidity is low, so it’s a pretty good environment for training players.

Also, there is not much change in the team from last year.

It is a situation where most of the power is maintained and the players are breathing well just by looking at their eyes.

Ahn Young-gyu, the captain of last year’s championship, is expected to lead the team as the team’s captain again this time. 메이저사이트

If there is a little change, as the foreign player quota has been expanded, Gwangju FC now has 5 foreign players.

Sandro, who played the role of a solver last year, and Aaron, who played an active role as a housekeeper, are keeping their positions, and three new foreign players are added to learn the colors of the three teams.

In line with this change, manager Lee Jung-hyo and Sandro were assigned the role of vice-captain, and Sandro, the first vice-captain in Gwangju FC’s foreign history, took on the role.

Players will be conducting their second winter training in Thailand until the 31st.

After that, we will move to a new location, and from February 3rd to Jeju Island, we will carry out the final maintenance work until the 18th.

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