KEPCO-Korea University, Korea Super Rugby League 1st League Champions

Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) and Korea University recorded two consecutive victories.

The Korea Rugby Association (Chairman Choi Yoon) said, “On the 8th, the ‘2023 Korea Super Rugby League 1st League’ held at the Southeast Asia Drug Stadium in Incheon was successfully completed.” The match was over after 3 rounds. 

This competition was divided into general and university divisions, and KEPCO won the general division and Korea University won the championship trophy in the university division.

In the third round, POSCO E&C (2-1), Korea University (2-1), and Hyundai Glovis (2-1) defeated OK Financial Group’s Itsman Rugby Team (3-1), Yonsei University (1-1), Defeated Korea Electric Power Corporation (2 wins, 1 loss).

Korea Electric Power Corporation (12 points) recorded 2 wins and 1 loss with POSCO E&C and Hyundai Glovis (10 points above), but won the championship by accumulating bonus points given by 1 point each when winning 4 or more tries and losing within 7 points. Successfully won the 1st league 2 times in a row.메이저사이트

Korea University, who played against eternal rival Yonsei University, finished the first half 12-8 with Choi Ho-young’s try. Afterwards, it was reversed 12-15, but it came back to the lead and won 43-15, led by Choi Ho-young’s 3 successful tries. With this victory, Korea University won two consecutive victories following Kyunghee University. 

In the last game, KEPCO faced Hyundai Glovis. KEPCO seemed to lead the first half by winning 22-21. However, Hyundai Glovis fought fiercely in the second half and achieved a come-from-behind victory 41-39 with a dramatic try success. 

Hyundai Glovis blocked KEPCO’s undefeated streak that had been going on since last year’s league. 

Choi Yoon, president of the Rugby Association, said, “Congratulations to Korea Electric Power Corporation and Korea University for winning the championship, and I would like to express my gratitude to all the teams that participated in the tournament.” 

In addition, “The foreign player system, introduced with the intention of preventing players from not participating in the tournament due to lack of players and stably operating the team, has had the additional effect of upward leveling of power. Please,” he said. 

Meanwhile, a total of 1,500 spectators gathered in the third round of the tournament, adding to the heat.  

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