Jose Batista enters the Blue Jays Hall of Fame with hot tears

Jose Bautista decorated a piece of Toronto Blue Jays club history.

On the 13th (Korean time), Batista held an induction ceremony for the club’s Hall of Fame, ‘Level of Excellence’, ahead of a home game against the Chicago Cubs held at the Rogers Center in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.스포츠토토

The event, which was held in front of a packed crowd at the Rogers Center, included coaches and coaches who accompanied him, such as Cito Gaston and John Gibbons, as well as Edwin Encarnacion, Justin Smock, Russell Martin, Ricky Romero, Adam Lind, Travis Snider, and Melky. Many of his active teammates, including Cabrera, Marcus Scutaro, Ryan Goins, and Devon Travis, attended the event to shine.

The Blue Jays team donated $100,000 to Holland Bloorview Hospital, one of Canada’s children’s hospitals, in Batista’s name, and gave him a garden chair, a number 19-shaped chain, and a framed uniform that he wore during his one-day contract the previous day. It was presented as a gift in

Then, a video of Batista’s active duty and congratulatory messages from former colleagues were screened. A message from Marcus Stroman wearing a Cubs uniform was also shown.

The Blue Jays club then revealed his name engraved on the railing of the 4th floor near the right foul pole while Batista and his family watched. His name sits right next to Roy Halladay, and just below Jackie Robinson, the common permanent number in the major leagues.

Watching this process, Batista’s eyes were moist. As if he had predicted in advance the situation where it would be difficult for him to speak, he instead expressed his thanks through a video message.

The ending was a commemorative verse. The team’s starting first baseman, Vladimir Guerrero Jr., came out and caught the ball he threw. The commemorative event ended in about 40 minutes.

On this day, many spectators came to the Rogers Center to see Batista. They greeted them with enthusiastic applause when the main character of the event, including Batista, former coach of Gibbons, and Edwin Encarnacion were introduced.

Conversely, some fans booed the contrast when the owner, Edward Rogers, and the president, Marc Shapairo, were introduced.

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