‘Jeong Seong-woo’s colon’ KT, stop Avarientos

“Avarientos is a player you can’t take your eyes off of even for a moment.”

Suwon KT is in 6th place with 18 wins and 24 losses. However, there is no ride with Jeonju KCC (17-23) in 7th place. Having played two more games, KT needs more victories to maintain its 6th place.

On the 18th, KT will have an away game against Ulsan Hyundai Mobis, SKT A-Dot Pro Basketball, 2022-2023, at Ulsan Dongchun Gymnasium. In the face-to-face match against Hyundai Mobis this season, they are inferior with 1 win and 3 losses. I gave an average of 89.0 points. It was hard to win because there were so many mistakes. When he won once, he scored 101 points.

If KT wants to secure the 6th place, it is necessary to reduce the score of Hyundai Mobis. In the average record of 4 games, it is often ahead of the first quarter, but it tends to collapse in the second half. We need more focus on defense in the second half.

KT coach Seo Dong-cheol said ahead of the game that day, “I feel heavy because of the sluggishness this season. From now on, we have to work hard every game. There is still a lot of (game) left. There are enough opportunities. The harder it is, the more alert you have to be,” he said, showing his will to advance to the playoffs.

There were many conceding points in the head-to-head match against Hyundai Mobis.

Coach Seo Dong-cheol said, “(With Hyundai Mobis) we play the 5th game, but there are many cases where we played well but didn’t finish. He struggled with rebounding and fighting under the net. Hyundai Mobis is also a high-ranking team. Ha Yoon-gi is equal, but it is difficult for foreign players to fight under the goal. That part is the hard part when playing the game,” he said. Avarientos is a player you can’t take your eyes off of even for a second. Jeong Seong-woo, feeling the pain, can’t run. Park Ji-won, Choi Seong-mo, and Choi Chang-jin decided to take responsibility (for the previous line).”

If Jaedo Jones is pushed from height, he has to hit a 3-point shot on the contrary.

Manager Seo Dong-cheol said, “There are ups and downs in recent attacks. Jones has an advantage of making 3-point shots from the outside, but his success rate is not good recently. That part also affects the team,” he said. On bad days, no goals are scored from the outskirts. That part is difficult, but when you do well, you do better than any other team, so you have to inspire confidence so that you can do well.”

He continued, “If 온라인바카라you want the players, the attack will have ups and downs in individual conditions. Same goes for other teams. Aside from whether the offense goes well or not, I want to focus on the parts that have nothing to do with scoring, such as defense, rebound, or becoming weaker than the opponent in transitions, which are trending these days.”

At Hyundai Mobis, Lee Woo-seok will not be able to come out for the time being due to an injury. We need to stop Ronjay Avarientos even more.

Director Seo Dong-cheol said, “First (Avarientos) will come out as a starter and attach Han Hee-won. Heewon and Park Jiwon will defend because they have talent. Another player can block it, but the two players have to run the mission and control it.”

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