Jeonbuk · Ulsan New District Goalkeeper Showdown… Jeong Min-ki “I can’t concede the championship”

K-League 1 (Won) Yang Gang-in Jeonbuk and Ulsan are expected to clash again this year for the championship.

Jeong Min-gi, who was the best goalkeeper in the K-League 2 (two), was recruited by Jeonbuk this year and is about to face off against 메이저놀이터his idol, Cho Hyun-woo.

He is determined not to give up the championship.

Reporter Cho Seong-heum met.


He uses his long arms and legs to block a series of shots, and reaches out for a surprise shot to make a super save.

Goalkeeper Jeong Min-gi left Anyang, where he had been fond of for five years, and advanced to the K-League 1 ahead of this season and settled in Jeonbuk.

Jung Min-ki, who is called the ‘second Jo Hyeon-woo’, was the best gatekeeper in the second division last season.

He appeared in 43 matches played by Anyang last season, finishing clean in 19 of them.

Jeong Min-ki, who took charge of Jeonbuk goal on behalf of national goalkeeper Song Bum-keun, who left for Japan, is in the midst of adaptation training with coach Lee Woon-jae.

<Jeong Min-ki / Jeonbuk Hyundai Goalkeeper> “I think (Jeonbuk) is a team that must win, so I think I should try to show as much as Song Bum-keun did…”

Jung Min-ki’s opponent is the K-League with Jeonbuk. Cho Hyeon-woo and Jung Min-gi, the gatekeepers of the rival team Ulsan under command, declared that they would overcome Cho Hyeon-woo, whom they had always mentioned as their idols, and Cho Hyun-woo also fired back.

<Jung Min-ki / Jeonbuk Hyundai Goalkeeper> “Hyunwoo hyung! As a player, I always try to learn and learn a lot, but for the sake of the team, I will work hard so that we can win. I can’t give that up. I’m sorry.”

<Cho Hyeon-woo / Ulsan Hyundai Goalkeeper> “Min-gi suggested that we exchange uniforms. We will exchange, but we will win and go back with a smile.”

On the 25th, attention is focused on whether Jung Min-ki and Cho Hyun-woo will start a new and old ‘spider hand showdown’ before the opening of ‘Hyundai Derby’.

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