‘It’s a national level…’ Why did LG recruit another outfielder by trade, created by a great uprising in his later years →’Butterfly Effect’

Instead of giving away pitcher Chae Ji-seon (28), whom the LG Twins acquired through a trade with Doosan, they embraced outfielder Choi Seung-min (27). However, as everyone knows, LG is a team that boasts national team level infielders. There was a reason LG recruited an outfielder again. This is because the value of running base play is more highly evaluated than the value of outfielders. As a so-called ‘specialist’, it means that he will use it to score important goals in the second half of the game.카지노

On the 18th, the LG Twins and the NC Dinos officially announced side by side at 2:00 pm, “LG ​​gave away pitcher Ji-sun Chae to NC and NC carried out a 1:1 trade to receive outfielder Seung-min Choi from LG.”

Choi Seung-min, who will wear the new LG Twins uniform this time, was nominated as a foster player by the NC Dinos in 2015 after graduating from Shinil High School. Afterwards, after serving as managing director, he debuted on the first team stage from the 2019 season and began to reveal his face in earnest.
◆ Recruitment of ‘specialist’ with quick feet, proven by record
His greatest strength is his quick feet. In the 2019 season, he batted . 444 (4-for-9) with 1 double, 1 RBI, 5 runs scored, 1 walk and 2 strikeouts in 24 games. However, he boasted his main power so fast that he recorded as many as 6 stolen bases in a few games.

In the 2021 season, he participated in 48 games and marked a batting average of 0.226 (7 hits in 31 bats), 1 RBI, 8 points, 1 walk, and 7 strikeouts, and also recorded 4 stolen bases. And last season, he participated in 44 games and posted a batting average of 0.324 (11 hits in 34 at-bats), 3 RBIs, 11 runs and 7 strikeouts. His steals were 6 as well as in the 2019 season. In the first team stage, personal career steals are 16. He also failed to steal eight times.

Even in the Futures League, Choi Seung-min showed off his quick feet. In the 2015 season, when he was a member of the Goyang Dinos, he stole one base in 15 Futures League games, then stole the base 35 times while playing 92 games in the 2016 season. That year, he finished second in stolen bases in the Futures League behind KIA Choi Won-jun (42 in the Futures League). Choi Seung-min consistently showed off his base running skills. In the 2017 season, he played in 82 Futures League games as a member of Sangmu, stealing 15 bases, and in the 2018 season, he also succeeded in stealing 14 bases in 80 games as a member of Sangmu.

Then, from the 2019 season, he returned to NC, and in the Futures League, 12 steals (63 games in 2019), 26 steals (76 games in 2020), 7 steals (39 games in 2021), 10 steals (30 games in 2022), 7 steals ( As of 2023), the results are being recorded respectively. But that doesn’t mean his batting ability is that low. In particular, in the 2021 season, he boasted a highly sensitive bat with a batting average of 0.413 (43 hits in 104 bats) in the Futures League.

It is no exaggeration to say that LG actually has a national team in the outfield. It can be said to be in a state of saturation. Kim Hyeon-soo, a “hitting machine,” left fielder, Park Hae-min, a center fielder who “boasts a wide range of defense,” and Hong Chang-ki, who has “another level of batting skills,” are holding out in right field. In addition, Seong-Joo Moon, a leading outfielder, is holding out firmly, and Jae-Won Lee, the ‘Jamsil Geopo’, is always waiting for an order to sortie. The fact that LG recruited another outfielder through trade is because it has a clear purpose. This is because LG coach Yeom Kyung-yeop, who is good at strategic baseball in the late game, needed a ‘specialist’ to pick one point.
◆ LG Twins ‘original specialist’ Shin Min-jae’s position changes rapidly, the butterfly effect… Choi Seung-min, who will now take over the specialist position
Actually, LG’s ‘specialist’ was Shin Min-jae. Shin Min-jae, who has been a backup for many years, has definitely taken the place of LG’s starting second baseman this season. He boasts a good performance with a batting average of 0.344 (33 hits in 96 at-bats) and 7 RBIs in 66 games this season. Here, he uses his originally fast feet even more, and even surpasses the king of stolen bases. With 21, he alone led the league in stolen bases this season. After graduating from Incheon High School, Shin Min-jae was nominated by the Doosan Bears as a foster player in 2015 and moved to LG through the 2017 KBO 2nd draft. Since then, he has been active mainly as a professional runner in the game.

Shin Min-jae of LG grew from a specialist to a starting second baseman.
However, with the appointment of director Yeom this year, his position has completely changed. Manager Yeom is famous for making good use of the strategy of scoring only one victory point in a tie or tough lead situation in the second half of the game (7th to 9th inning). To do so, a professional substitute runner with quick feet must be in the entry. Originally, the role was played by Shin Min-jae. However, as Shin Min-jae leaped to the starting lineup, the ‘specialist’ disappeared. In response, manager Yeom recently cited the absence of a ‘specialist’ as a point lacking in the team. In the end, it is interpreted that through this trade, he obtained resources that can shake the opposing team in the second half of the game. The LG club also said of Choi Seung-min, “As a large runner with a fast focus, we evaluate him to have excellent operational performance. We expect that he will be of great help to the team in the second half of the game.”

Meanwhile, Chae Ji-sun from Gwangju Jeil High School wore an LG uniform through the 2021 season trade (2:2 trade with Doosan, Yang Seok-hwan and Namho ↔ Ham Deok-ju and Chae Ji-sun). Through this trade, NC strengthened the bullpen, which is considered a weakness. Lim Seon-nam, NC general manager, explained the background of recruiting Chae Ji-seon through trade, saying, “He has a good fastball and uses a variety of pitches. We expect to strengthen the depth of the pitching staff. In particular, it will be helpful for bullpen management.” Chae Ji-sun is scheduled to join the first team on the 20th.

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