is this possible Double-A no-hit 7-run win

 Can we win without a hit? It seems impossible, but it is possible. But can they win even if they score 7 runs without hitting a hit? What seemed impossible actually happened.

The Chattanooga Lookouts under the Cincinnati Reds did not hit a single hit in an away game against the Los Angeles Angels’ Rocket City Trash Panthers in the Double-A Southern League held at Toyota Field in Madison, Alabama, USA on the 9th (Korean time), but walked 7 He won by 2 points, scoring 7 points by tying 4 balls that hit the dog, an opponent’s error, and a wild throw.

The match lasted only 7 innings as a double header, but Chattanooga failed to hit a single hit during 6 innings due to the good pitching of opposing starter Coleman Crowe. He got one walk each in the top of the 1st and 6th innings and only stepped on first base with a strike-out in the top of the 3rd inning. Chattanooga gave up 3 runs at the end of the 5th inning and hit the beginning of the 7th inning, the last inning, with a 0-3 trail.

The great record, not the great record, came at the beginning of the 7th inning. Chattanooga created a one-out opportunity with bases loaded by Rhys Hinds, Alan Cerda, and Daniel Bellozin on walks against Ben Joyce, who took the mound in place of Crow. However, James Free struck out on a swing and left only one out count, and the defeat was dark.

However, as Rocket City’s mound collapsed, Chattanooga created a band electrode. Jacob Hertubise made up for one point with a straight walk against Joyce. Then, Jose Torres’ normal outfield fly hit led to center fielder Jeremiah Jackson’s error, and all three runners came home to make it 4-3.

The attack did not end here. Chattanooga scored one more run against Rocket City reliever Eric Torres, getting three consecutive hit balls. Then, Serda’s push walk and Torres’ wild throw added two more points to make it 7-3. Rocket City scored two runs on a counterattack at the end of the seventh inning, but the game ended with Chattanooga winning 7-5. 메이저사이트

Chattanooga got 2 walks, 4 hit balls, an opponent’s error, and a wild throw in the beginning of the 7th inning alone. But Rocket City’s pitchers weren’t crap. Chattanooga, who was tied up with two walks against Crow, the 21st ranked Los Angeles Angels prospect, scored 5 points with 4 walks and an error against Joyce, the 11th ranked prospect. Joyce had only one earned run, but due to an error by the center fielder, the run increased to five and became a losing pitcher.

Even in the American professional baseball major league (MLB), there have been 6 cases of turning an opposing pitcher into a losing pitcher without hitting a hit.

On May 16 of last year, the Pittsburgh Pirates won Cincinnati starter Hunter Green 1-0, allowing 1 run on 5 walks despite not hitting a single hit in 7⅓ innings. Pittsburgh ended up not hitting a hit in the game that day, but recorded a victory by one point.

On June 29, 2008, the Los Angeles Dodgers also failed to record a single hit against Los Angeles Angels pitchers Jared Weaver and Jose Arredondo, but tied two errors and three walks to win by scoring one run.

Others include the Cleveland Indians (now the Cleveland Guardians), who beat the Boston Red Sox 2-1 on April 13, 1992, the Chicago White Sox, who beat the New York Yankees 4-0 on July 2, 1990, and the New York Yankees on May 1, 1967. The Detroit Tigers beat the Baltimore Orioles 2-1 on Sunday, and Cincinnati won a no-hit victory over the Houston Colts 45s (now the Houston Astros) 1-0 on April 24, 1964, but never scored 7 as Chattanooga did. .

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