“Is there a need to get into trouble with juniors?”… Park Hang-seo explained ‘Shin Tae-yong and Seoljeon’

 Coach Park Hang-seo, who laid down the baton for the Vietnam national team after 5 years and 4 months, insisted that there was no problem with his relationship with Indonesian coach Shin Tae-yong.

Coach Park, who led the Vietnamese national team for more than five years from 2017 to the end of last month, drew a lot of attention as he collided with the new coach inside and outside the stadium ahead of the AFF (ASEAN Football Federation) Mitsubishi Cup, which just ended last month.

The two coaches, who met in the메이저놀이터 semi-finals, had an out-of-the-way match ahead of the first match.

When the home team Indonesia advanced their kick-off time, coach Park pointed out, “I don’t know how a FIFA (International Football Federation) sponsored tournament can be held in a place where match times have to be changed due to safety concerns.”

It is like pointing out that Indonesia is the host country of the U-20 World Cup in May.

After the game, they did not face each other or shake hands, drawing attention. When the local media asked why, coach Park avoided answering, saying, “It’s a question about a personal relationship, not a game.” Director Shin replied, “I was going to shake hands, but coach Park turned around and stopped.”

Coach Park, who entered Korea through Incheon International Airport on the 14th, said at a press conference on arrival that there was no problem with his relationship with coach Shin.

Coach Park, who said, “Remnant? What could happen to a junior? There is no such thing,” said coach Park, “It was a time when we were facing an important match, and it was a situation where we could have a war of nerves.”

He continued, “Since the media did not talk about the overall context, but only briefly talked about the middle part, I and director Shin could feel bad when I saw that.”

“There is no need for me or coach Shin to hate each other. We have to be careful with each other in that respect. As a coach, I think there can be enough of this nervous warfare before the game,” he said. “After the game, the relationship goes back to normal. There are times when it’s good and there are times when it’s bad. I don’t put much meaning into the war of nerves.”

At the same time, he sent a cheering message to Shin, who will be participating as the home team in the U-20 World Cup to be held in May.

Coach Park said, “There is an World Youth Championship (U-20 World Cup) in Indonesia in May. Coach Shin has a strong presence and sufficient ability. I think he will produce good results in the world tournament.” .

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