“I prepared for the faster and heavier Beautiful Jones.” Gane, making the ‘match of life’-UFC285

Whoever my opponent is, I will have the championship belt.”

For the heavyweight title, Garne will face former undefeated light heavyweight champion Jon Jones at UFC 285. With a comeback after 3 years, he will enter the Octagon with a perfect heavyweight body.

Jones, who weighed up to 267 pounds온라인바카라 (about 121 kg), plans to return to the stage with a weight of 250 pounds (about 113 kg).

Some pundits are pointing out that Jones’ bulking up could result in “a loss of speed and less stamina than before,” and that may be the case.

‘Speed ​​and physical strength deterioration’ is a common phenomenon caused by bulking up. It may not be a big side effect because the body was gradually built over the course of three years, but it is unknown as it is the first game.

However, Jones said, “I came back faster and stronger,” and Gane also said at UFC 285 Media Day on the 3rd that he expected such a Jones.

“I thought of ‘Beautiful Jones’ throughout the camp. He’ll be as fast and technical as he was at light heavyweight, but as strong as heavyweight. A real heavyweight. I trained to fight the stronger Jones.”

Gane said, ‘If you defeat the greatest player in history, the meaning of victory will be greater’, and he was confident of a wonderful ‘fighting shot of life’.

Jones is the top dog at -155, and Kane is the underdog at +135. For Jones, the problem of speed and endurance, and for Gane, the problem of grappling defense is being raised.

The UFC 285 Jones vs. Gane main card will be held on the 5th around 2pm. It will be broadcast on TVNG from 10 am.

Cyril Gaane has his second heavyweight title fight on the 5th. After his first defeat against Nganoo last year, he is determined to win the title this time.

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