‘I love you, Red Sox’ Boston, which contributed 3 wins to RYU’s Toronto, meets Texas with ‘red pepper powder’

‘I love you, Red Sox.’

Ryu Hyun-jin’s team, the Toronto Blue Jays, is a rival team, but the Boston Red Sox seem to look very good.

Texas is waging a warlike American League wild card race. We comfortably swept Boston’s three-game series over the weekend and took a sweet break on the 19th (Korean time). Now we prepare for the three-game series between the New York Yankees and Tampa Bay Rays, which will determine the fate of the season.아톰카지노

And on my day off, good news arrived. Texas, the rival team that played that day, lost again. Texas, who shocked them with their fourth straight home loss last week. Perhaps they used up all their strength there, but they faced the Cleveland Guardians on the weekend and were swept in a three-game series. At the same time, second place was handed over to Toronto.

And on the 19th, Texas met Boston, which had contributed three wins to Toronto. The result was a 4-2 Boston victory. Red pepper powder was sprinkled on Boston, which had already failed to advance to the fall baseball season. Texas has fallen into a swamp of four consecutive losses.

So second-place Toronto sat back and extended its lead over Texas to one game. It’s not a big difference, but increasing ridership even for just a half-season is a huge benefit to Toronto.

Another rival team, the Seattle Mariners, shook off the shock of being swept by the LA Dodgers in three games over the weekend and won 5-0 over the weakest team, the Oakland Athletics. Now, the three teams Toronto-Texas-Seattle have played a total of 150 games. And Toronto finished second in the wild card race with 83 wins and 67 losses, and Texas and Seattle tied for third place with 82 wins and 68 losses.

In the wild card race, only the third-place team is eligible to advance to the postseason. Toronto is not yet in a position to feel at ease. Which of the three teams will shed tears alone?

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