Hot rookie ‘Big 3’ unite again… Kim Min-byeol, Bang Sin-sil, and Hwang Yu-min as a pair

Kim Min-byeol (19), Bang Shin-sil (19), and Hwang Yu-min (20) also became a team at the NH Investment & Securities Ladies Championship (total prize money of 800 million won).

Kim Min-byeol, Bang Shin-sil, and Hwang Yu-min were formed as a group for the first and second rounds of the Korea Women’s Professional Golf (KLPGA) Tour NH Investment & Securities Ladies Championship, which will be held at Suwon Country Club (par 72) in Gyeonggi-do for three days from the 12th. They are scheduled to go out at 11:55 am in group 1.

The big 3 rookies also faced each other at the Kyochon Honey Ladies Championship. Due to rain and wind, the tournament could not be held in normal condition, but the three of them played the tournament, which was reduced to 36 holes. The weather forecast for this week is sunny. There are signs that a full-fledged match between the three will be held in Suwon.

Kim Min-byeol, who currently ranks first in the rookie award points (599 points), entered the top 10 three times in six competitions. It also ranks 8th in driving distance (248.52 yards) and 9th in green hit rate (72.22%). However, his ankle got caught several times in putting. The average putt is also 30.25, ranking 42nd.

Hwang Yoo-min is ranked third in driving distance (253.51 yards), and his advantage is long hits that come out of his small body. The rookie award points are 2nd with 468 points. However, as an inexperienced rookie, sophisticated play has yet to come out. Participated in 6 competitions and still has no top 10 record.

Bang Shin-sil ranked 40th in the regular tour seed match, and unlike Kim Min-byeol and Hwang Yu-min, she is on the Dream Tour at the same time. In the second half of the year, when the number of participants decreases, the chances of participating greatly decrease. Bang Shin-sil, who desperately needed a win more than anyone else, showed her potential by finishing fourth at the 45th KLPGA Championship, her first major tournament of the season.스포츠토토

Defending champion Park Min-ji (25), who is aiming for a third consecutive championship, is in a group with Park Bo-gyeom (24), who won the Kyochon Open last week, and Park Ji-young (27), who is the leader in prize money. It starts at 8:40 am from hole 10.

Bo-mi Lee, 35, making her first appearance of the season on the KLPGA Tour at this event, tees off at 11:45 a.m. on hole 1 with Yoon-ji Jung and Jung-mi Hwang.

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