Norway, which has not been to the World Cup for 24 years since 1998, ranked 43rd in the FIFA rankings, put two of the eight candidates for the English Premier League’s Player of the Month.

Since both were very active in November and December, there is a high possibility that Norwegian players will compete with each other.

The Premier League Secretariat has officially announced eight nominees for the ‘Player of the Month’ for November and December. Since the World Cup in Qatar was held not long ago, the Premier League decided to combine November and December to determine the winner.

A total of eight players are named, and two Norwegian players are considered strong candidates: Arsenal’s Premier League lead, Martin Odegaard, and Elling Halan, who is breaking the Premier League goal record this season.

Odegaard scored 3 goals and 3 assists in 4 games from November to December, leading Arsenal to 4 consecutive wins during this period, including against Chelsea.

Hollan scored 4 goals in 4 matches during the same period. Haalan exploded 21 goals in 15 games this season, opening a new era of Premier League scoring, including 20 goals in the shortest period.

Other than these two, Manchester United midfielder Casemiro (4 matches, 1 assist), Brentford goalkeeper Ben Mee (4 matches, 1 assist, 1 goalless), Fulham striker Joao Palinha (4 matches, 1 goal), Manchester United striker Marcus Rashford (4 matches, 2 goals). 1 goal), Arsenal striker Bukayo Saka (4 games, 2 goals, 1 assist), and Newcastle side defender Kieran Trippier (4 games, 2 assists) were nominated.

The two English strikers, Rashford and Saka, are also excellent, but it is also true that they are not as good as Odegaard and Hollan. 메이저사이트

Both of them have been recognized for their genius since childhood and have built up their skills step by step and are now leading prestigious Premier League teams.

Odegaard, who received attention early as a world-class prospect after signing a contract with Spain’s strongest Real Madrid at the age of 17, has suffered ups and downs since then, but is playing up to expectations in midfield wearing an Arsenal uniform last year.

Haalan developed his sense of goal by raising the level of clubs one step at a time, such as Red Bull Salzburg in Austria and Dortmund in Germany, and now he has been reborn as a striker with the best killer instinct in Man City.

However, it is true that the Norwegian national team cannot avoid a long slump despite having two players sweeping the Premier League this winter.

Norway has not passed the European qualifiers since advancing to the round of 16 at the 1998 World Cup in France, where Tore Andre Flo and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer were active.

In the European qualifiers for this Qatar World Cup, they finished third out of six Group G teams, behind the Netherlands and Turkey. The fourth to sixth places are small countries such as Montenegro, Latvia, and Gibraltar.

He is currently captain at Arsenal.However, as they have Holland and Oedegor, who are now 23 and 25 years old and are heading towards their prime, in the 2026 World Cup (co-hosted by the United States, Mexico and Canada), where tickets for the European finals will increase from 13 to 16, it is predicted that Norway will rise as a dark horse. There is also an eye on the European football world, so attention is being paid to the future steps.