‘Hold on until Ryu Hyun-jin returns!’ US media predicts Toronto’s 5 starting candidates

The Toronto Blue Jays have formed a rotation that leads to Alec Manoa, Kevin Gaussman, Bassett, and Jose Berrios after acquiring Chris Bassett. However, the 5th starting resource still has a question mark.메이저놀이터

“MLB Trade Rumors” said on the 10th (Korean time), “Toronto has formed a powerful starting lineup. However, it is difficult for Ryu Hyun-jin to return in the first half due to Tommy John surgery. He’s scheduled to return after the All-Star break, but even that isn’t certain. Therefore, we predicted the 5th starting candidate who would last until the summer at least.”

The first player mentioned is Yusei Kikuchi. Kikuchi started last season as a member of the rotation and took the mound as a starter in 20 games. However, he suffered the humiliation of being pushed out of the bullpen with a 5.25 earned run average.

However, there is currently no left-handed pitcher in the rotation. If Kikuchi joins this and shows good form, he predicts that he will give Toronto a good direction.

The next player mentioned after Kikuchi is Mitch White. White, a prospect from the Dodgers, was traded to Toronto last season. However, he failed to adapt to Toronto and crashed with 7.74 ERA and 5 losses without a win. He explained that he has 5 years of salary arbitration left, and he can receive many selection opportunities.

The player most highly rated by this media is Nate Pearson. Pearson was from the first round of the draft and has risen to the 7th place in the prospect rankings. However, injuries caught him off guard, and he missed a single game last season. He is expected to start the season in good health.

‘MLB Trade Rumors’ nominated Thomas Hatch, Borden Francis, Yosver Zulueta, and Ricky Tideman. In addition, it was reported that outside free agents Johnny Cueto, Michael Waka, and Zack Greinke could also be candidates.

Also, the media received votes from baseball fans, predicting that Kikuchi would be the 5th starter with 43.7% of the vote. It was followed by Pearson, outside free agent, and Mitch White.

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