Jung Woo-young (LG) is practicing a new pitching form ahead of the new season.

Jung Woo-young joined the LG Twins with the 15th overall pick in the 2nd round of the 2019 2nd draft. In his debut season, he recorded 4 wins, 6 losses, 16 holds, 1 save, 30 runs (27 earned runs) in 65⅓ innings, and an earned run average of 3.72, making him the rookie of the year. He was the first LG Rookie of the Year since Lee Byeong-gyu in the 1997 season.

Since then, Jung Woo-young has been active as a key bullpen pitcher for LG. He recorded 20 holds in the 2020 season and 27 holds in the 2021 season. The record for the 2022 season is 67 games, 2 wins, 3 losses, 35 holds, 58 innings, 18 runs (17 ERA), an average ERA of 2.64. He won the title of King of Hold four years after his debut. Jung Woo-young’s career record is 258 games, 17 wins, 16 losses, 98 holds, 8 saves, and an average ERA of 2.94. He has the 100 hold notice in front of him.

He has been producing consistent results every season, but Jung Woo-young is learning a new pitching form. This is to correct the high stealing rate caused by his slow pitching form, which is a disadvantage. Jung Woo-young, who met with reporters after the LG 2023 New Year ceremony held at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on the 4th, talked about the change in pitching form.

Jung Woo-young said, “Many people seem to be misunderstanding, not misunderstanding. You think that the pitching form is changed tremendously, but I am trying to learn how to use strength in a short time from the original pitching form.” He said, “It will have a better effect in the future, and even if you fail, you can go to the form you had before. Bonus.” Until now, I was a style that used strength only with large movements, but with short bursts of strength. I’m trying to learn how to write.” 메이저사이트

Jung Woo-young has been practicing a new pitching form since the offseason. Regarding the progress, he said, “From the outside, it doesn’t seem obvious. If you measure the time, it will show. It’s hard to say a specific time because it’s not perfect yet. did.

Jung Woo-young was included in the final 30-man roster of the WBC (World Baseball Classic) announced on the 4th. Regarding the possibility of throwing with a new pitching form in the WBC, “I think we will start with this form for the LG spring camp. We will use this form for the national team camp as well.” is so good,” he said.

“(Pitch and movement) are fine when playing catch. I plan to continue measuring with Trackman at spring camp,” he said.

Last season, Jung Woo-young’s two-seam fastball speed was faster. According to the baseball statistics website ‘Staties’, Jung Woo-young averaged two-seam fastballs of 151.5 km/h. Regarding raising the speed more, he said, “I felt uncomfortable in my elbow at the end of the fall baseball. .

[Jeong Woo-young (above) and LG coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop are greeting Jung Woo-young at the ‘LG Twins 2023 New Year’s Ceremony’ held at Jamsil Baseball Stadium in Seoul on the afternoon of the 4th.