He was a legend when he was a player.. What kind of disgrace is this as a manager? First 10-game losing streak in 35 years

 He was a legend during his active career, but as a manager, he is being treated as a traitor.

Coach Frank Lampard, who led Chelsea’s glory days, has lost 10 consecutive individual titles. According to the British media ‘The Sun’, the manager’s 10 consecutive losses is a dishonorable record in 35 years. Lampard is the first since Derby County’s Arthur Cox in 1988.

On the 3rd (Korean time), The Sun broke the 35-year record that Lampard did not want. The loss against Arsenal made him the first manager in the past 35 years to win 10 straight titles,’ it reported.

You can’t just blame Lampard. Chelsea were already in a state of disrepair. Even if someone other than Lampard came as a firefighter, it would have been difficult to rectify this situation.

Chelsea have already fired two managers this year. In September of last year, as soon as the season started, they fired Thomas Tuchel. His successor, Graham Porter, endured for a long time, but ultimately failed to complete the season. Chelsea even knocked out Porter in April.

With less than two months left in the season, it was not easy to appoint a new manager. Chelsea found a ‘short-term part-time job’ to take care of the remaining games. There is no reason for most directors to step out and do such a dirty job.

Chelsea legend Lampard accepted. It is speculated that he accepted the difficult mission because he felt sorry for the team being destroyed rather than personal glory.

Even if Lampard came, nothing changed. Everyone on the team knows that he is an interim coach anyway. A new manager is coming back in a few weeks. It is close to impossible to establish discipline. Motivation is not easy either.

Lampard takes the temporary helm and Chelsea are on a six-game losing streak. Lampard was on a four-game losing streak when he stepped down from his previous post as Everton manager.

Chelsea fans were busy criticizing Lampard.메이저사이트

According to The Sun, fans reacted sharply, saying, “Lampard has to accept the fact that he is not fit to be a Premier League manager,” “Coaching is not for everyone,” and “Who advised Lampard to challenge himself as a coach?” seemed

“We were a good team to play against. We didn’t press and we didn’t move forward, just making short passes. We understand our role in the interim period. We’re getting more pragmatic with the players,” Lampard said.

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