He flew 7000 km, but the player didn’t run… The life theater of a desperate boy

I took out the writing that the child had written with sincerity. smiling and smiling
‘Jimmy Butler, I flew 4405 miles (7089 km) to see you run. Can we take a picture together or get a coffee (from your brand)?’This was captured on a television relay camera. The child was excited. You can also see the Argentinian flag behind it. It seems that he went all the way to Miami, USA, from Argentina to watch a basketball game. To fly 7000km to see Butler. Will this boy’s dream come true?However, on days like this, the story doesn’t always go the way you want it to. The child’s expression suddenly changes. He weakly put down the cheering phrase that he had been shaking vigorously and held his head with his two hands. Shortly before the game, it was reported that Butler was forced to miss the game due to back pain. Why was it on this day?Fortunately, the. The news spread through social media. The kid is holding a butler’s uniform and smiling brightly. I also received an autographed basketball. The Miami team let a downtrodden kid fan meet Butler. On this day, Miami even managed to win against Boston. The child’s face brightened again.The child’s fan’s family posted a picture of the smiling child on social media. I also left a message of thanks to Butler. I was given a moment that I will never forget. Will this boy remember both Butler and Miami forever? He prefers to present one memory rather than one victory. Because that’s the real power of sports.메이저놀이터

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