‘Goodbye, thank you’ Our ace… Kim Gwang-hyun announces retirement from the national team

Kim Gwang-hyun announced his retirement from the national team.

On the afternoon of the 14th, Kim Gwang-hyun announced his intention to retire through personal SNS, saying, “Thank you for supporting the national team Kim Gwang-hyun so far.”

He is one of the greatest aces of all time in Korea. He started his professional career with SK Wyverns in 2007 and wore his first Taegeuk mark on his chest at the 2008 Beijing Olympics the following year.

Since 2023, he has participated in a total of six international competitions for 15 years until the WBC, leaving a record of 5 wins, 4 losses, 3 holds, and an ERA of 3.92 in a total of 17 games.

Kim Gwang-hyun was the undisputed first starting ace of the national team. In the competitions he participated in, the national team shared the heyday of Korean baseball, including the 2008 Beijing Olympics gold medal, 2009 WBC runner-up, 2014 Incheon Asian Games gold medal, and 2015 WBSC Premier 12 victory.

Kim Kwang-hyun said, “I was a dream and pride to be a national team member. From the youth national team in 2005 to the WBC in 2023, I am proud of myself for playing for the country and for Korean baseball.” “The feeling of participating in the game with the Taegeukgi on my chest. The appearance of singing the national anthem with a gold medal hanging around my neck is something I will be proud of and proud of for the rest of my life.”

“Of course, there were times when my grades were not good, but I think I was able to become stronger by not being disappointed and using it as an opportunity. I think I have to pass this opportunity to learn and grow to my juniors. 토토사이트

Finally, he concluded, “Today, as Landers pitcher Kwang-Hyun Kim, I am going to return to being a player who throws the ball harder than anyone who knows how to enjoy the game as always. I am sorry again. And thank you.”

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