From ‘injury withdrawal’ Park Seung-ho to seniors‥”Let’s play together”

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There is one player on the national team who is with us in spirit but not in body.

This is Park Seung-ho, who returned home early due to injury.메이저사이트

He expressed his desire to be back on the field with his teammates when they reach the final.

The seniors are also showing their support.

Reporter Ko Jae-min reports.

◀ Report ▶

After scoring a goal in the second match of the group stage, Park Seung-ho collapsed immediately afterwards.

He had to return home early with a fractured ankle, but his teammates were always there to celebrate the victory.

Park’s number 18 jersey was carried on the pitch alongside the Korean flag.

[Park Seung-ho/U-20 National Football Team]
“He made me feel like I was with him every game, holding his jersey, and being with him every moment, so I think that’s why I was so emotional.”

Park Seung-ho says he felt sorry for Kim Eun-jung when he received a phone call from her asking for his safety.

[Park Seung-ho/U-20 National Football Team]
“He told me that he felt like there was a big hole in the team. I felt very sorry for him, and although it would be great to win, I hope I can play another game without regrets and not get injured.”

If the team reaches the final, he plans to fly to Argentina to be with them.

[Park Seung-ho/U-20 National Football Team]
“I’m thinking of getting on a plane and going to the final, because I think it’s better for me to be there.”

There was also a cheering relay from the seniors.

Along with their unfulfilled dreams of winning the championship, they eagerly hoped for a new history of Korean football.

[Lee Kwang-yeon/2019 U-20 National Team]
“We will surpass our record. I hope we win.”

[Ki Sung-yueng]
“It’s not just me who wants to see us lift the trophy, it’s the whole country, so I hope we can do that. Go, boys!”

[Chung Jeong-yong/2019 U-20 coach]
“Being runners-up at that time was a big picture that left one spot for you to win this tournament. Don’t give up until the end and do your best, I support you as one of the people of Korea, go for it!”

This is MBC News’ Ko Jae-min.

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