‘Female Pocheongcheon’ of the 60th birthday of amateur baseball

On the 10th, Gunsan Wolmyeong Baseball Stadium, where the national baseball tournament was held during the Gunsan Mayor’s period. There was someone who caught the attention of middle school baseball coaches across the country. Chief referee Kim Soo-hyun (60), a 10-year veteran of the Korea Baseball Softball Association, was the main character.

Referee Kim became interested in baseball while taking care of his son. During his nine years of elementary, middle and high school, when his son played as a player, he took over as general manager of the baseball team.

Then, it was in 2013, after his son entered college, that he jumped directly into the field. He applied for a baseball referee school held at Myongji University, and out of 500 applicants, he was proudly named among the 90 finalists after a document screening and a 10-week test. He was 51 at the time. Now my son has quit baseball, but he is still hitting the ground.

Coach Baek Bong-ki of Daegu Middle School said, “At first, I drew attention because I was a tall 172 cm female referee, but as the game progressed, I was impressed with the thought that I was really good at refereeing.” He has a voice, clear gestures, and even quickness,” he raised his thumb.

Referee Kim expressed his belief that “I am an idealist who pursues perfection even though I know that I can never be perfect when it comes to judging.” He said “mistakes happen, but referees don’t get evaluated for just working hard,” he said. “That’s why I try to be perfect every moment.”

He also has a game he will never forget. It was a match between Jeonra Middle School and Gunsan Nam Middle School, the preliminaries for the 2018 Youth Sports Festival in Jeonbuk. At the beginning of the 3rd inning, Gunsan Namjung’s attack 1 company, 1st and 2nd base, the hitter’s infield grounder was caught by Jeonra Middle School’s 2nd baseman, stepped on the 2nd base and threw it to the 1st baseman. He was in a situation where he would be switched off and on due to a double play, but he made a safe decision for the runner on second base. It was an absurd mistake that mistook a force-out situation for a tag-out situation. He himself wanted to be sorry right after the judgment, but it was a time when it could not be reversed. A commotion ensued.

Referee Kim recalled the dizzying moment, saying, “Fortunately, the decision did not affect the outcome of the game, so the worst case was avoided온라인바카라. He said, “It was a valuable experience that I felt with my body that a year of preparation with sweat and blood by the players could be in vain,” he said. I am doing weight training,” he said.

He explained, “When a misjudgment occurs, I approach the opposing coach and say, ‘I’m sorry. I missed it. I’ll try harder with more concentration.’

I did not forget to ask for more women to break the ‘glass ceiling’ of the baseball field. Referee Kim said, “For women, baseball is changing from a sport they enjoy watching to a sport they can directly experience and feel. There will be more opportunities for women to play an active part in softball and women’s baseball. conveyed the wind.

He is no longer a ‘female referee’, but a ‘referee Kim Soo-hyun’. “I want to be recognized by field managers as a referee who can see the game rather than attracting attention because I am a female referee. And later, I want to be remembered as a senior who is respected by junior female referees.”

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