“Fan First” Shim Jae-hak inaugurated as the new general manager.. Will it be an opportunity for KIA to take off?

With the general manager leaving due to a corruption controversy, Shim Jae-hak, the new general manager, was appointed to the KIA Tigers, who were in season.

The new general manager Shim, who put forward “Fan First”, promised the fans that he would repay the disappointment of his sluggish performance as a KIA player with the role of general manager.

Reporter Kim Jae-hyun assists.

Shim Jae-hak’s first job as the new KIA general manager was ‘Fan First’.

Having his first official press conference after meeting his team, General Manager Shim explained his baseball philosophy as ‘baseball that puts fans first’.

▶ Sink: Shim Jae-hak / KIA Tigers general manager
– “I’m trying to play baseball where the fans come first because the fans are the first. And I’m trying to play baseball that I can understand.”

Shim, who was a national team number 4 hitter and famous for his large guns since his days, moved to KIA in 2004 after joining the LG Twins in 1995.

However, during his five seasons at KIA, his performance did not live up to fans’ expectations.

After returning to KIA after 15 years of retirement, Shim expressed his strong will to repay the fans as the general manager, as if conscious of this regret.

▶ Sink: Shim Jae-hak / KIA Tigers general manager
– “I wanted to say I’m really sorry to the fans, so I think I’ll work harder as I take on the general manager job this time.”

Along with his support for coach Kim Jong-guk, he also announced the idea of ​​introducing a US major league-style farm director as a long-term and systematic alternative to player development.메이저사이트

▶ Sink: Shim Jae-hak / KIA Tigers General Manager
– “I want to create a farm system that allows KIA to admit that it was a good system even if the next general manager comes, even if it is not possible within my tenure.”

He also emphasized that he would open his ears to communicate with the players and the front desk and listen to their opinions.

▶ Standing: Kim Jae-hyun
– “With the inauguration of the new general manager Shim Jae-hak, who advocated ‘Fan First’ and ‘Player Development’, KIA, which has faced many difficulties from the beginning of the season, is paying attention to whether it will be able to find an opportunity to take off again. This is KBC Kim Jae-hyun.”

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