FA Kang Ri-ho “One-point remark means that I am embarrassed because I can’t do it… I wish I had selected a member of society baseball.”

 Former Lotte Giants pitcher Kang Ri-ho (33), who has not yet found a team after the FA declaration, confessed his feelings through an Instagram live broadcast on the 3rd.

Immediately after his free agency declaration, Kang Ri-ho explained that the remarks that “the direction does not match the club” and “one point mission is embarrassing” were conveyed a little differently from his thoughts. Regarding the request to cancel the suspension after his one-year contract, he said, “I simply thought that the club had the right to decide based on performance.” It looks like you didn’t understand the rules correctly.

Kang Ri-ho explained, “It wasn’t that I was embarrassed to take on the one-point mission, it was that I was so embarrassed when I got on the mound in a few days and performed the one-point mission, but I couldn’t even do that well and was beaten halfway through.” He also said that Lotte has too many fast-paced pitchers, so he accepts that he takes the one-point position메이저놀이터 . In fact, the ability to control the game or manage the game may be more important to him than the speed, but Kang Ri-ho, who was a fastball pitcher, seems to have felt the burden of the speed ball as well.

After starting the live broadcast at 9:00 pm, he ended it shortly after, and after broadcasting again, he asked for understanding, saying, “I thought about 100 to 200 people would come, but there were 1,200 people, so I was so embarrassed and my mind went blank.” On this day, Kang Ri-ho’s live broadcast was watched by a large number of Lotte players during spring camp in Guam.

At the beginning of the broadcast, Kang Ri-ho, who was embarrassed by showing a sensitive reaction when a lot of negative comments were posted, seemed to find stability in his mind as time passed.

He said, “I thought there would be a team that wanted me because it was a C grade, there were no compensation players, and the salary was low. If that happens, it seems to be the last selection, but I wanted to try it, but I couldn’t,” he said, suggesting the possibility of retirement, saying, “Now it seems difficult to play in the pro.” He said, “Sometimes I used to dream of throwing 6 or 7 innings. He doesn’t think about quitting baseball at all. Even if I go to social baseball, I want to play as a starting pitcher. It is a waste of the skills I learned on the mound,” he said bitterly.

Kang Ri-ho said he plans to move back to his home next week, said goodbye to fans and ended his broadcast.

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