Explosion of interest in the first domestic event in 7 years… It’s more fun when you know!

The KB Financial International Skating Union (ISU) 2023 Short Track World Championships will be held at Mokdong Ice Rink from the 10th to the 12th. Since this is the first World Short Track Championships to be held in Korea after 7 years since 2016, fans are very interested. According to the Korea Ice Skating Federation, 2,500 tickets sold online were sold out in one minute after ticket reservations began on February 27.

The World Championships are the second most prestigious international competitions after the Winter Olympics. About 310 athletes from 34 countries participated in this event, and a total of 9 gold medals were awarded, including 6 individual men’s and women’s events (500m, 1000m, 1500m) and 3 team events (men’s 5000m relay, women’s 3000m relay, mixed 2000m relay). there is. It is the 4th domestic event after Jeonju in 2001, Gangneung in 2008, and Seoul in 2016.

Representatives from Korea include Choi Min-jeong (25), Kim Gil-ri (19, Seongnam City Hall), Shim Seok-hee (26, Seoul City Hall), Lee So-yeon (30, Sports Toto), and Kim Kun-hee (23, Dankook University, Lee Sang Women’s Division), who won the World Cup series overall. Ten players, including Park Ji-won (27, Seoul City Hall), Hong Kyung-hwan (24), Lim Yong-jin (25, Goyang City Hall), Lee Jun-seo (23, Korea National University of Physical Education), and Lee Dong-hyeon (19, Uijeongbu Kwangdong High School, Lee Sang Men’s Division), will participate. Women’s Park Ji-yoon (24, Uijeongbu City Hall) and Choi Ji-hyeon (29, Jeonbuk Provincial Office) and men’s men’s Kim Tae-seong (22, Dankook University), Jang Seong-woo (21, Korea University), and Lee Jeong-soo (34, Seoul City Hall) were registered as replacement members.

The fact that you can directly watch the skating of world-class athletes is attractive. Women’s: Susannah Swilting (Netherlands), Kim Boutin, Courtney Saro (Canada), Hana Desmut (Belgium), Martina Valcefina (Italy), Men’s Steven Dubois, Pascal Dion (Canada), Sinky Knecht (Netherlands) , Lin Xiaojun (Chinese/Korean name Lim Hyo-jun) and others will participate. In particular, it is expected to be very interesting to watch the pride battle between Lin Xiaojun and Korean players, who are participating in an international competition held in Korea for the first time since naturalization. 카지노사이트

Competition among domestic players participating in the individual event is also expected to be fierce. This is because one male and female player with the highest ranking at the World Championships will be automatically selected as the national team for the next season (2023-2024 season) regardless of the results of the national team selection. At last year’s event (Montreal, Canada), Korea tasted the joy of Choi Min-jeong winning four gold medals in the women’s division (1000, 1500m, 3000m super final, and 3000m relay), but failed to win medals in all individual events except for the 5000m relay in the men’s division. Through this competition, he aims to restore his honor.

On the 10th, the first day of the competition, the individual preliminary and team quarterfinals will be held, and on the 11th, men’s and women’s 500m and 1500m finals and men’s 5000m and women’s 3000m relay semifinals will be held. On the 12th, the last day of the competition, the men’s and women’s 1000m, mixed 2000m relay, women’s 3000m relay, and men’s 5000m relay finals will conclude.

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