Eom Sang-pil survives on the last day of PBA Q School… Kim Byung-ho, Seo Hyun-min, and Han Ji-seung also remain in Part 1

‘Champion’ Kim Byeong-ho (Hana Card), Seo Hyun-min (Welcome Savings Bank) and other PBA powerhouses passed the Q School and grabbed tickets to the PBA 1st division for the next season. In particular, Eom Sang-pil (Blue One Resort) dramatically stayed on the first part tour on the last day of Q-School.

The Professional Billiards PBA concluded the ‘2023 PBA Q School’ and ‘2023 LPBA Tryout’ held at the PBC Carom Club in Ilsan, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do for a week from the 7th to the 13th.

As a result, most of the strong players such as Kim Byeong-ho (Hana Card), Han Ji-seung (Welcome Savings Bank), and Eom Sang-pil (Blue One Resort), who were demoted from the first division tour last season, have confirmed their stay on the first division tour. In addition, a total of 23 people, including ‘Dream Tour’ Park Jung-min, Hwang Hyung-beom, ‘Challenge Tour’ Lee Jae-hong and Koo Ja-bok, passed the Q School and secured qualifications for the first part tour of the next season.

[Photo] Kim Byeong-ho / Courtesy of PBA

‘PBA Q School’ is the final gateway to qualify for registration for the first division tour ahead of the new season, and the last chance for players who were demoted in the previous season to remain in the first division. This Q School was divided into two rounds. The first round was played by Dream∙Challenge players, and the second round was played for three days by those who passed the first round and the relegated players from the first division.

As soon as the second round started, Han Ji-seung and Kim Byung-ho quickly confirmed their stay on the first part tour and got out of the crisis. Han Ji-seung graduated from Q School with an average of 2.667, including a high run of 20 points in a match against Hwang Ji-won, who played in the ‘Walk Gloves of Fear’. In addition, 10 people, including Lim Tae-soo and Hwang Hyung-beom, confirmed their retention and promotion to the first division on the first day of the second round of Q School.

[Photo] Hyunmin Seo / Courtesy of PBA

Seo Hyeon-min, who lost 32-40 to Hwang Ji-won on the first day, defeated Ma Won-hee, Kim Dong-young, and Kwon Ik-joong in turn on the second day to confirm his stay in the first division. On the second day, 9 people, including Seo Hyun-min, Jeong Jae-kwon, Gu Min-soo, and Park Ki-ho, confirmed their retention and promotion to the first division.

On the first day, Um Sang-pil unfortunately lost 38-40 to Kim Byung-ho in the last game to remain in the first division, and on the second day, he was caught by Choi Jeong-ha at 38:40 and bowed his head. However, on the last 3rd day, when only 4 players were selected, he defeated Noh Jong-hyun, Choi Jeong-ha, and Choi Dong-seon in turn and dramatically succeeded in remaining in the 1st division. Along with Eom Sang-pil, Koo Ja-bok, Lee Seung-jin, and Kim Min-gun were also listed on the first division retention/promotion list on the last day.

Twenty-three students who passed the Q School this time secured the right to register for the first division tour for the next season. Those who passed the LPBA tryout, which was held on the 10th, will be comprehensively evaluated by the PBA Game Management Committee and announced the results and content of the game.토토사이트

[Photo] Han Ji-seung / Courtesy of PBA

Meanwhile, the PBA, which has completed Q School, which announces the start of the season, is preparing for the season in earnest with the goal of opening in early and mid-June. On the 23rd, the ‘2023 PBA Team League Draft’ event will be held at the Press Center in Jung-gu, Seoul to select players who will be active in the PBA Team League in the 2023-24 season.

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