And yes… I have Margarita collecting things from her room in Marina.

I think he is wrong, because until it can be installed in Albor@da it could take weeks or months…but the fact is that it has started to collect…and at the last minute the power went out for a while, this happens often, so I had to hand her a candlestick with a newly placed candle…I don’t know if she’ll take it with her or leave it here for when she comes to visit, but I’m not going 메이저놀이터to get into that either…she’ll know

The thing is, as I said , he is collecting and assembling boxes, you can see that he has emptied the back shelf, which previously had a collection of perfumes, and the chest of drawers… (in this case, I don’t know if it ever had something, because this is not the original one, I used to have a dressing table, but it got in the way of the curtains)

It is one more regression, yes, I will finally bring Marina to light, who houses all my beginnings, for better or for worse… Margarita’s room is in Marina, the one with the window to the balcony on the top floor and, it is curious, it turns out that in this room there is a bed that must have been the first or second installment of the Casa de Campo de Altaya, now I know, and I had it in standby mode until I started Marina. And I know it because now I have the same bed that I put in this room again. 

I reused the quilt lace to finish off that other one that I crocheted, the cushions and the sheet and what was left of the upholstery of the armchairs for the cushions and the foot cover, or maybe it was the other way around, I don’t remember anymore …

The fact is that they are going to join my first little house with what will be the last, with what I have in mind they no longer fit me…in a totally casual way, pure destiny…however I still can’t talk about it I’ll do it one way or another

It happens again that Margarita’s bed is going to remain half wedged between a door and the façade, you’ll see Albor@da’s, so the table is to be invented…

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