‘Elizabeth 45 Explosion’ Ginseng Corporation wins over Hyundai E&C

KGC Ginseng Corporation has won 3 consecutive wins, winning 4 consecutive losses against Hyundai E&C, which was aiming for the lead in the league.

Elizabeth led the win with 45 points.

This is reporter Jo Han-dae.


The offensive power of KGC Ginseng Corporation, which recently ran a winning streak, overwhelmed Hyundai E&C in the early game.

Ginseng Corporation’s main gun, Elizabeth, led the attack by scoring 9 points in the first set alone.

In the second set, Lee So-young reported three consecutive goals and lightened Elisabeth’s shoulders.

Ginseng Corporation won the 1st and 2nd sets with the help of Elisabeth and Lee So-young, but gave up the 3rd and 4th sets to Hyundai Engineering & Construction Montaño, who belatedly revived their offensive power.

In the last set, Elisabeth 온라인바카라succeeded in a cool open attack that reached 10 points first, and succeeded in a back attack in a match point situation where Hyundai E&C chased by one point, bringing victory.

Ginseng Corporation, which showed fierce concentration until the end of the game, won a new victory over Hyundai E&C with a set score of 3-2 and ran for 3 consecutive victories.

Setter Yeom Hye-sun contributed to the team’s victory by leading Elisabeth to 45 points and Lee So-young to 18 points with stable ball distribution.

<Yeom Hye-seon / KGC Ginseng Corporation Setter> “In the middle of (the game), it seemed to check the speed, so I think I was able to toss comfortably because the coach and coach (Lee) Sook-ja coordinated well.”

Hyundai E&C fell into a quagmire of 4 consecutive losses, content with only bringing 1 point to Ginseng Corporation, and delayed recapture to the top of the league to the next opportunity.

In the men’s division, Woori Card won the home game against Korean Air with a set score of 3-0 and escaped from a 5-game losing streak.

Woori Card Agamez scored 21 points, the most of both teams, Na Kyung-bok scored 13 points and Song Hee-chae helped the team win with 9 points.

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