Don’t be new to life… ‘Battled after defeat’ 70-year-old Tottenham fan treated to luxury dinner and ‘victory intuition’

Every new story in life. A 70-year-old Tottenham Hotspur fan who was beaten by opposing fans after losing the FA Cup not only received a warm welcome from the club, but also intuited Tottenham’s victory.

The main character is Mr. Roy Pankhurst. Mr. Pankhurst is a long-time Tottenham fan, and his affection for the team is deep enough to watch away games with his son, Craig Pankhurst.

The incident occurred on March 2nd. It was the day Tottenham suffered a shock 0-1 loss to Sheffield United in the 5th round of the English FA Cup. Even though it was an expedition to Sheffield, Tottenham gave the victory to the opponent so helplessly.

Before the pain of defeat was gone, another wound came. Pankhurst and his son were assaulted by hard-core supporters in Sheffield on their way back home. His father was bleeding from his nose and his son’s head was bruised. The Tottenham muffler they were wearing was stained with dark red dots. 토스카지노

The Tottenham club has stepped up to comfort their pain. Tottenham invited the Pankhurst father and son, who had come to the away game and suffered a blow, to the Brighton & Hove Albion match held on the 8th.

It’s not just tickets. Tottenham invited the Pankhursts to a high-end restaurant inside the stadium and treated them to a hearty meal with champagne.

This was not the end. Afterwards, the club allowed the Pankhurst father and son to meet and take pictures with Tottenham legends, tour the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, and even sit on the benches where the manager and players sit before the game.

I watched the game from the best seats. The Pankhursts watched the match between Tottenham and Brighton from their luxury seats right behind the dugout. Tottenham defeated Brighton 2-1 thanks to Son Heung-min’s 100th EPL goal and Harry Kane’s winning goal. The Pankhursts watched this from the nearest place.

Pankhurst and his son expressed their gratitude to Tottenham. Mr. Pankhurst said, “Today was a very special day for me. Thank you Tottenham.”

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