Director Lim Geun-bae, who emphasized confidence, and Lee Hae-ran responded, but Jo Soo-ah and Shin Dew-seul…

Lee Hae-ran showed a confident play against Woori Bank. But not the other young players.

Yongin Samsung Life Insurance met Asan Woori Bank in the Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-2023 Women’s Professional Basketball regular league held at Yongin Indoor Gymnasium on the 16th and lost 59-72.

From the off-season, bad news for Samsung Life began. Ace Yun Ye-bin (180cm, G) was injured during a national team game. Nevertheless, at the beginning of the season, Bae Hye-yoon (183cm, C), Kiana Smith (177cm, G), and Kang Yu-rim (175cm, F) continued to fight for the top ranks.

However, Samsung Life’s big bad news came out in the 4th round as well. In the Asan Woori Bank game, Kiana and main guard Lee Joo-yeon (171cm, G) suffered season-out injuries at the same time. Even Bae Hye-yoon is not in normal condition due to a knee cartilage injury. As a result, they lost all of their first five games in the second half.

Samsung Life is in crisis. But that crisis is becoming an opportunity for someone. Jo Soo-ah (170cm, G) and Shin Yi-seul (170cm, G) claimed themselves as the main characters. As the main guards fell out, he naturally received many opportunities and is responding to those opportunities little by little. Shin Iseul was selected as MIP in the 4th round and Jo Soo-ah was selected as MIP in the 5th round.

Lee Hae-ran, who continued to play as the starting pitcher, naturally received more opportunities. In addition, Bae Hye-yoon’s injury overlapped, and Lee Hae-ran should have taken on more roles. In defense, he was in charge of the ace defense, and in attack, he should have been active in scoring as well as outside. Little by little, he lived up to expectations.

Samsung Life, who rose to second place with four consecutive victories, met Woori Bank, who confirmed the championship in the regular league. Before the game, Samsung Life coach Lim Geun-bae emphasized ‘confidence’, saying, “I hope it will be a time for players to gain more confidence than doing well with Woori Bank.”

Unfortunately, the Samsung Life players were unable to show a confident play against Woori Bank in the first half. Jo Soo-ah, who made a big success recently, played 8 minutes and 44 seconds in the first quarter, but only scored 2 points and 1 rebound. Shin Iseul also ran for 4 minutes and 14 seconds, but recorded only one assist. Lee Hae-ran also ran for 8 minutes 온라인바카라and 44 seconds, but only scored 3 points and 1 steal. All three players did not perform as well as usual.

However, Lee Hae-ran came out confidently in the second quarter. He alone scored 9 points and scored more than half of the team’s 14 points with his own hands. When the opponent pressed hard, he created space through outside shooting. I put up a mid-range jumper in the 13-27 situation. And in the 17-34 situation, he added a 3-point shot and a breakthrough score. Samsung Life’s last goal was Lee Hae-ran’s free throw. It was Lee Hae-ran who scored at every important moment. However, Samsung Life could not control the opponent’s offensive and finished the first half with 24-39.

It was Samsung Life that already passed the atmosphere in the first half. Coach Lim, whom we met after the game, even commented, “The game is actually over in the first and second quarters.” Coach Lim emphasized confidence before the game, but other players except Lee Hae-ran failed to do so.

In the second half, Samsung Life took a slight advantage over Woori Bank. (Samsung Life Insurance 35 points, Woori Bank 32 points) The only regret is that it was shaken in the first half. They pursued it to the end, but lost the game without being able to narrow the gap.

In particular, Jo Soo-ah and Shin Dew-seul, who have been on the rise recently, showed a passive appearance unlike usual. Even in the rebound, which showed an advantage, he did not show a great performance, and the number of shots he attempted was only 5. As the two players lost confidence, Samsung Life lost the first half and lost the game.

Nevertheless, coach Lim said, “I hope the players will feel that ‘this is it. I want you to feel the return when you leave winning and losing and do what you prepared. Then I think there was income,” he encouraged the players.

Samsung Life, which was on the rise, was hit by Woori Bank. Whether this defeat will be medicine or poison depends on the players.

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