Director Kim Jong-guk’s explosion, three-fit violation without a standard… Is it a story to throw at the runner’s back?

At the time of June 16, KIA was struggling against NC. At the time, it was a slugfest with a score of 9-10. In the 5th inning without a single 12th base, Shin Bum-soo’s exquisite bunt headed for 3rd base, and Shin Bum-soo lived at 1st base. This is because the throw was hit by Shin Beom-soo’s feet. However, NC requested a video review of the spirit violation and the review was overturned.스포츠토토

Not only that. Since it was a normal bunt situation, even if Shin Beom-soo was out, the referees did not accept the protest that the original runners should recognize the right to advance to second and third base. Rather, he ordered director Kim Jong-guk to leave. If it interferes with defense, it is correct not to recognize the right to advance, and continuing to protest against it is a reason for leaving.

But this time it was the same. No, this time it was much clearer than the last NC match. In the top of the 3rd inning, with 2 out and 1 base, Pirella hit an exquisite pitcher’s ground ball. Yang Hyeon-jong caught the pitcher’s ground ball and threw it, but it missed. The problem is that Pirella played far more inside the line than Shin Beom-soo in the past. In other words, when Hyeonjong Yang caught the ball, only Pirella’s back could be seen. Yang Hyeon-jong avoided Pirella and threw a throw, but the throw missed.

Director Kim Jong-guk immediately applied for a video review, but the result was safe. It is not Pirella’s three feet, but Yang Hyeon-jong’s throwing mistake. Director Kim Jong-guk exploded. He protested strongly against the decision and was sent off again.

If hit by a runner, is it a three-fit violation or an error on throwing? Do you mean throw it on the runner’s back?

Here, the difference between Shin Beom-soo and Pirella is clear. Pirella ran farther inside than Shin Bum-soo. And Shin Beom-soo, on the contrary, did not cause damage in the process of sending. However, Pirella damaged the throwing process. This is because Yang Hyeon-jong made a mistake while trying to avoid Pirella and apologize.

Then the criteria become clear. If the batter is hit by the ball, it is a defensive obstruction, or it is a throwing error. At the same time, if the pitcher overlaps with the runner, the only story is to stick the throwing ball into the running runner’s back. This is not a criterion that can be understood by common sense.

If, in the past, three feet out had been declared, the same result should have been applied this time as well. This is not a position to protest, but it is right to see it as the fault of the judges who judged the same situation differently.

In the end, in a situation where the innings should have ended, KIA dedicated the finish to Samsung with Kim Tae-gun’s foil. The balance of Yang Hyeon-jong and Buchanan’s ace game began to collapse from that point on. KIA’s 6-game winning streak has come to a halt. Obviously, the game was not lost because of this decision. It is clear that Buchanan’s pitching led to the victory. However, it is the referee’s role to ensure that factors other than Buchanan’s counterattack do not mix with the factors of defeat.

Controversy continues unless clear standards for regulations are established

Recently, there has been a lot of controversy over the three-fit rule. This is happening in many games, not just yesterday’s game. The point of the regulation is that there are no clear criteria. Sometimes it’s out, sometimes it’s safe. As a result, controversy inevitably arises in every game, and protests that are prepared to be kicked out. Even in video reading, it is difficult to make a clear judgment.

This is because there is no standard, and subjectivity is involved to a large extent. When subjectivity intervenes, the controversy will inevitably continue.

From now on, a full-fledged ranking battle unfolds, literally farming for one season. If this happens in the postseason, the problem will be even bigger than it is now. That one decision may go down in history. It is clear that the controversy will continue unless clear standards are established from now on.

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