‘Difference in attack decision power’ Korean women’s volleyball loses 2:3 reverse sweep to Vietnam

The difference in attack decision power was directly linked to the win or loss. Korean women’s volleyball without an ace showed an uneasy start with a reverse sweep loss to Vietnam.

The Korean women’s volleyball team (ranked 35th in the world), led by coach Cesar Hernandez, scored a set score 2 against Vietnam (ranked 47th in the world) in the first match of Group C of the 2023 AVC (Asian Volleyball Confederation) Championship held in Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand on the 30th. They lost by -3 (25-22, 25-19, 23-25, 17-25, 13-15).스포츠토토

Korea aimed to reach the quarterfinals or higher in this tournament. Since China and Japan were competing with all their strength, not the best members, we had to create a flow of winning from the group stage, but we lost from the first match and it became a gloomy situation.

Korea’s starting pitchers were opposite striker Lee Seon-woo (5), outside hitters Lee Han-bi (3) and Kang So-hui (6), middle blockers Park Eun-jin (4) and Joo-ah Lee (1), setter Kim Da-in (2), and libero Kim Yeon-gyeon. .

The initial start was fine. At the start of the first set , Lee Seon-woo’s center back attack increased Korea’s first score, and Park Eun-jin’s blocking goal and Lee Seon-woo’s strong hit followed by a serving ace led Korea to 7-3.

Vietnam closed the distance to 9-7 with Thanh Thuy hitting and blocking. Korea allowed Lee Seon-woo’s attack to go out, and Lee Han-bi’s left-sided strike to be blocked, allowing Korea to tie the game 9-9.

Afterwards, Korea took the lead again, 14-11, thanks to Park Eun-jin’s blocking goal and Lee Seon-woo’s two strong hits. However, Vietnam took a 1-point lead with Thanh Thuy at the forefront. Korea’s substitute Pyo Seung-joo’s serve went out and allowed the score to be tied 20-20.

In the following 22-22, Korea touched the set point with Kang So-hui’s touch-out score and the opponent’s connection error, and won the first set with Kim Ji-won’s sub ace. The score was 25-22.

2 sets . In the early stage of the super-close battle, the battle for leadership unfolded until 11-11. Afterwards, Korea took a two-point lead with Lee Seon-woo’s right-handed hit and an opponent’s error. Seonwoo Lee took a 16-12 lead with a hard hit and a blocked score. In the beginning of the game, Seonwoo Lee’s attack was active.

As Vietnam closed the distance again, Seonwoo Lee took a 20-16 lead with a serve. After Kang So-hui’s left-handed blow, Vietnam pursued Lee Han-bi’s attack out, but Korea requested a video review and caught a touch-out, leading 22-19.

Korea, which led 24-19 with Lee Joo-ah’s serve ace and Lee Han-bi’s direct kill, secured the second set with Lee Joo-ah’s serve score. The score was 25-19.

The third set was similar to the second set. It was tight until 10-10, but after that, Korea held the flow. After Lee Han-bi scored a touchout, Lee released a strong blow, and Joo-ah Lee’s blocking goal and serving goal combined with Da-in Kim’s blocking goal, giving Korea a 15-11 lead.

However, Vietnam pursued with a hard hit by Thanh Thuy. Korea tied the game 17-17 with Lee Seon-Woo and Kang So-Hwi’s attacks blocked.

Afterwards, Korea tied the game 21-21 with Lee Han-bi’s strong blow, but failed to finish the set afterwards. Opponent Tan Thuy’s blow was not blocked, and Lee Han-bi’s attack was blocked again. Korea caught up to 23-24 with Lee Seon-woo’s goal from the left, but gave up a set without making a deuce. It was the inflection point of the match that day.

4 sets . Korea started to lead 9-9 with Lee Joo-ah’s single blocking goal and the opponent’s overnet error. Park Eun-jin’s empty space push was followed by Lee Han-bi and Kwon Min-ji’s strong hits, and they ran to 14-10.

But after that was the problem. Kwon Min-ji and Lee Han-bi’s attacks were continuously blocked, and Park Eun-jin’s quick attack was a mistake. Korea, which allowed a 14-14 tie, was unable to use its opponent Trini’s strong blows, and Kwon Min-ji’s attacks were blocked twice in a row, leading to 15-20.

Our attack was completely read by the opponent. Even Kang So-hui’s attack was blocked, and Korea, facing a difficult wall of blocking 7 attacks in the 4th set alone, gave up the 4th set as Kang So-hui’s attack was out. The score was 17-25.

The last 5 sets were a miniature version of the match. Korea took a 5-2 lead at the beginning of the set thanks to Lee Joo-ah’s attack and blocking goal, but Vietnam later tied the game at 6-6 with Thanh Thuy’s strong hit and blocking goal.

In a long rally, Korea lost a point with the opponent’s quick attack, and Park Eun-jin’s moving attack was blocked by Tan Thuy. When the score was 6-8, coach Cesar put in captain Park Jung-ah. Park Jung-ah signaled a 7-8 chase with a left blow, but Vietnam seized the flow, leading 3 points to 10-7 with Thanh Thuy’s two left blows.

Korea pursued again with Lee Seon-woo’s left-handed blow, but Park Jung-ah’s serve was out and the momentum could not be continued. Korea exerted its strength until the end. Kang So-hui’s touch-out score and witty central goal pushed the team to 10-11, Lee Seon-woo’s right hit and Kwon Min-ji’s left hit pushed the team to 12-13.

However, they conceded on the opponent’s fast attack, and Korea was driven to 12-14 match points. Park Jung-ah’s left goal made it 13-14, but that was it. Vietnam finished the game victorious with Thanh Thuy’s back attack. In this tournament, where ranking points were staked, Korea lost to a lower-ranked team, and a drop in the rankings was inevitable.

Korea, who suffered a painful come-from-behind defeat with victory just around the corner, aims for its first victory in the tournament against Taiwan on the 31st.

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