“Did I look tired?” The weight that SSG captain & 4th hitter Han Yu-seom was willing to carry again

“No matter how messed up my insides are, I can never show it off, and I shouldn’t show it again.”

Last year, SSG Landers achieved an unprecedented ‘Wire-to-Wire’ integrated championship in the history of the KBO League. From the regular season to the Korean series, the top has never been taken away. It was clear that SSG was supported by veterans such as Kim Kang-min and Choo Shin-soo, and leading stars such as Kim Gwang-hyeon and Choi Jeong, but SSG coach Kim Won-hyeong and other players also highly appreciate the credit of Hanyu Island (34), who served as captain and fourth hitter at the same time. 온라인바카라

Hanyu Island took over as temporary captain in place of Lee Jae-won, who left due to a side injury in August 2021, and was appointed as the official captain in 2022 to lead the team. There are many things I felt after becoming the captain. “It was something I could never have done without help,” he said. When I won the championship in 2018, I think the captain (Lee) Jae-won helped my brother as much as possible, but when I put myself in his position, it was actually very different.” . Rather, he said, ‘I know you’re not one to think and decide, so I’ll respect your choice.’”

Hanyu Island took on another important responsibility together. He started 100 games, the most in the team as the fourth hitter last year, and came out as a fixer whenever the team needed it. He achieved a batting average of 0.264, OPS (on-base percentage + slugging percentage) of 0.850, 21 homers, and 100 RBIs in 135 games, the only team on the team to achieve triple-digit RBI. WPA (Win Probability Contribution/Sports to I), which can measure clutch ability, was 1.92, which was 2nd in the team and 6th overall. However, Hanyu Island said, “I didn’t like anything except for the production of RBIs.”

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