“Defense obstruction if running base is the cause”… Subdividing the 3-foot rule

The Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) and the KBO have decided to subdivide the rules for defensive obstruction of the 3-foot line, which is the permissible base run range, and apply them from the second half of this season.

The KBO said, “In order to maintain consistency in judgment and prevent confusion, we decided to declare defensive interference if it was judged that the runner’s running base was clearly the cause of the defensive interference from the second half.”아톰카지노

Previously, even if a runner ran inside the foul line, it was judged that it did not interfere with the first base defense, or if a throw to first base was regarded as a bad throw, it was not judged as defensive interference.

On the 13th, KIA coach Kim Jong-guk was ejected after protesting the save decision for a bad throw, and the recent controversy over the 3-foot decision has been repeated in professional baseball.

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