Daegu FC, 2023 1st Winter Camp is proceeding smoothly

 Daegu FC,
which is continuing training in Namhae ahead of the opening,  is immersed in training, forgetting the holidays except for a short vacation on New Year’s Day  .

Overseas field training, which was suspended after Corona 19, is also  scheduled to continue.

This is reporter Seok Won from Namhae Daegu FC camp.

◀Reporter▶ The
temperature is said to be higher than in Daegu, but  you can feel the winter sea breeze at Mizo Soccer Stadium in Namhae. 바카라사이트

In recent years, I have always  started the year in the same space, but 2023 is very  different from the atmosphere.

◀Director Choi Won-kwon of Daegu FC▶
“When I attended training as a coach and when I attended training as a coach, it seems that the weight is a bit different. I am very careful in organizing things like that so that I can do it.” There was a power gap, but the winter of Daegu FC, where efforts 

to fill the vacancy were  also visible, and the reinforcement of the defense, which had many players who left, is especially  eye-catching. ◀Kim Kang-san Daegu FC player▶ 

“I came to a team called Daegu 

and through  a new competition, if I could go to the game now, I would challenge the top split that the team is aiming for…” The Brazilian recruitment, which has shown more than expected performance,  is together with newness this time. ◀Basellus Daegu FC Player▶  ” First of all, it’s too cold. But many people have accepted it well, and I already feel like a family. So I hope that we can achieve what the team demands and what we want to achieve together. ”  Daegu is in the final stages of training.  “Daegu FC, which continues to build up in the Namhae for a month in  January, will move to Kagoshima  , Japan on February 4  and start looking for the last puzzle  ahead of the opening of the 2023 season. This is Seokwon from MBC News.

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