Controversy over coming to Gangwon-Seoul match… Unexpected whistle timing, blown theater goal

In the match between Gangwon FC and FC Seoul, where a 5-goal slugfest was held, a misjudgment controversy arose. Seoul’s dramatic equalizer at the end of the game was not recognized. The foul itself was also controversial, and even the timing of the referee’s whistle was unfair from Seoul’s point of view. As a result, the fortunes of the two teams also diverged.

The situation was this. It was the last minute of extra time in the second half of the 9th round of the Hana One Q K League 1 2023, Gangwon leading 3-2 between the two teams held at Songam Sports Town Stadium in Chuncheon on the 26th.

Seoul seized the last chance for an equaliser. Ki Sung-Yong’s corner kick was headed by Kim Joo-Sung, and the shot that was sucked into the goal was managed by Hankook-Young with his head. After that, a fierce aerial competition continued in front of the gate. Then Palosevich connected the flowed ball with a left-footed shot and shook the Gangwon net. It looked like a so-called theatrical goal that had already been scored at the point of extra time in the second half.

However, Seoul’s goal was not recognized. This is because the referee blew a whistle at the timing of Palošević’s shot and declared a foul first. Seo Min-woo fell during the previous aerial contest, but the referee saw it as Kim Jin-ya snatching it and declared a foul.

However, Seo Min-woo did not fall because of Kim Jin-ya’s foul, but tripped over his teammate’s leg. It was also confirmed relatively clearly through the video of Seoul fans who visited the stadium at the time. It may have looked like Kim Jin-ya’s foul from the referee’s point of view, but as a result, it was an obvious misjudgment. 

The bigger problem is that the referee first declared a foul at the timing of Palosevi’s shot. In a crucial situation where a goal could have been scored, the referee cut off the game first. First, a foul was declared and the game was stopped, so Palosevic’s score in the ensuing situation was not even subject to VAR for ‘goal/no goal’ according to the rules. 

In many ways, the referee’s hasty decision left much to be desired given that it was not a situation that could have stopped the game in a hurry, such as a dangerous scene, and that it was a very important time period, and that it was a shooting timing that was enough to score. This is because it was more important to organize the situation after watching the follow-up scenes, rather than declaring a foul at the shooting timing.

If the whistle had not been blown first, Palošević’s score could have been subject to VAR in a ‘goal/no goal’ situation. In the VAR regulations, you can directly review the situation of ‘foul play by the attacking team in the process of building up or scoring for a goal’. Whether Kim Jin-ya was fouled or not, in other words, the referee’s wrong judgment was able to be judged more accurately through a review. 메이저놀이터

As a result, the whistle of the referee, who was full of confidence, and consequently, Oh Shim greatly changed the fate of the two teams. Seoul, which had been undefeated for the past three games in a row, dramatically lost its chance to earn one point. Gangwon’s thrilling first win in 9 games left a bit of an awkward feeling behind. The distrust of the K-League fans towards the endless referees has also increased. 

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