“Continuously participating in overseas tours”… Jung Hyun’s challenge continues

Jung Hyeon (26), the protagonist of the ‘Australian Open semifinal myth’, suffered a high blow by being eliminated in the first round at the Busan Open Challenger, which he took as his first opportunity to win after returning from injury. However, it is also a process that Jung-hyeon must go through to overcome a chronic back injury and strengthen his will to participate in overseas tours.

Jung Hyun won the 2023 Head Busan Open Challenger (Busan Open, ATP 125, total prize money of $160,000) held at the Spoone Tennis Stadium in Geumjeong-gu, Busan on the 9th in the first round of men’s singles to Yasutaka Uchiyama (Japan, 240th) with a set score of 1-2. lost and dropped out After returning from injury at the second domestic event, the Busan Open, following the Seoul Open Challenger held on the 26th of last month, Jung Hyun tried to win his first win, but now he has to look for the next opportunity.

On this day, Jung Hyun’s game was held on a weekday during the day, but about 300 spectators entered and cheered enthusiastically.

Chung Hyeon got off to a rather shaky start, giving his first game of the first set to Uchiyama. However, Chung Hyeon caught the 2nd and 4th games and had a tight confrontation. In his 4th game, Hyeon Jeong seemed to have regained his sense of the game by recording 2 serve aces, but lost the game 6-9 and lost the first set 3-6.

Chung Hyun showed his tenacity for victory in the second set. Jung Hyun, who was playing a tense game exchanging serve games with Uchiyama, scored 5 consecutive goals after allowing 2 runs in the tie-break, winning 7-3 and taking the second set.

However, Jeong Hyeon failed to recover his performance in the third set and gave the game a score of 2-6, ending the match that lasted 2 hours and 34 minutes.

In an interview after the game, Chung Hyeon expressed his regret. Jung Hyun said, “First of all, I wanted to spend more time on the court by winning at least one point or game in the first game of the Busan Open, but it’s a little regretful that I couldn’t win.” He evaluated, “I had a chance to win the first set, but I was very disappointed that I missed it, but considering that it was a long time since I played a game that lasted for over 2 hours and 30 minutes to the 3rd set, I think I finished it well.”

Jeong-hyeon said, “Since I haven’t come up with a sense of the game yet, I feel stiff because I can’t use the court widely.”

Regarding the change in the serve posture for the recurrence of the injury, he said, “It is somewhat uncomfortable as it is a motion that I have not done in the past, but I am adapting well.” In particular, he said, “There was no pain from injury during today’s game,” and “It is an important task to raise the sense of the actual game.”

He also revealed his intention to return to overseas Challenger tournaments and ATP tour events in the future. Jung Hyun said, “I plan to take a good look at the competition schedule and continue to participate in international competitions held overseas. expressed his determination.토토사이트

On the other hand, among the Korean players who competed in the first round that day, only Jeong Yun-seong (25, 328th) won and advanced to the round of 16. Hong Seong-chan and Nam Ji-seong each drank high.

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