‘Complete type’ Woori Bank Park Ji-hyun said she was still learning

 Woori Bank’s unrivaled run for first place in the league has a defensive role for Woori Bank guard Park Ji-hyun (22, 183 cm).

Park Ji-hyun won 51-39 against KB Stars in the 3rd round of the Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-2023 women’s professional basketball regular league at the Cheongju Indoor Gymnasium on the 12th. With this victory, Woori Bank ran 9 consecutive victories.

After the game, Park Ji-hyun said, “I don’t think the performance was good. Before I came out, I talked about the basics, but I don’t know if those parts went well, and even in the case of shooting, the success rate of easy shots and 3-point shots dropped. So he seems to have focused on defense. I won, but I don’t like the performance,” he said calmly. On this day, Park Ji-hyun played for 34 minutes and 53 seconds, recording 11 points, 6 rebounds and 6 assists.

Park Ji-hyun is evaluated as a ‘complete’ player. He can score points with various options such as breaking through and shooting on offense, and blocking from point guard to center on defense. In the 2018-2019 WKBL new player selection meeting, he joined Woori Bank with the first rank in the first round and has established himself as the team’s main pillar since his rookie days. He is also selected for the women’s basketball team every year and has shown competitiveness in international competitions. 토토사이트

Woori Bank coach Seong-Woo Lee orders him to focus on ‘defense’ this season. Park Ji-hyun said, “There are many players who can attack. Within the team, what the coach wants from me is defense, not offense. He focuses on defense rather than attack and tries to take every chance he gets.”

He continued, “We play depending on how the opposing team defends. I want to do well throughout. I am learning a lot. In the case of rebounding, the coach ordered me a lot and said it was the part he wanted me to focus on the most this season, so I always focus on it and come out.”

The team is running for first place in the league with a 9-game winning streak, but they are not vigilant. Park Ji-hyun said, “I don’t think there’s anything good about the atmosphere because it’s a streak. It seems that this result has come because I am always not losing tension. I still lack a lot of experience, but I try to follow the guidance of the director and his older sisters who have been through a lot of situations like this. I will focus more on the basics without missing the tension.”

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